Friday, 30 May 2014

Social Media Fatigue

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.
On one hand, I love getting in touch with people, who I have lost touch with over the years, as our lives moved on in different directions. Re-connecting with old friends and keeping in touch with extended family members (as well as having a nosey as to what old school 'friends' have been up to since we last saw each other 18years ago...) has been great for general catching up, and I genuinely enjoy seeing their photos and reading funny stories about their kids or anecdotes about work and, well, life.
I have been active (very active) on facebook since 2007, Pinterest 2011, Twitter 2012, Instagram 2014 and now a blog 2014. Its fun to re-connect, pass comment on what is happening on X Factor (or some other pop culture current event), post pictures of weddings/baby scans/ baby/ family etc. But, on the other hand, are we sharing too much?
Sometimes I think I over share, and really, who cares for the funny story about my child or my opinion?  When this thought arises, I delete my comments, and looking at my facebook history, there is not much there now, except what I have posted in the past few weeks, because I end up thinking that my business is my business, and why do I need to tell the world about it? Also, I am aware that most of my posts of late, are of a fairly political nature, especially surrounding the impending Scottish Referendum (YES all the way!!), or about animal welfare, environmental issues, how much a pig's ear the powers that be, and the rich that bank roll them, are making of the world, for their own greed and disregard for everything/everyone else. For some people there is a certain level of apathy to all those things, and they probably no longer follow my posts/feeds. But the flips side to that, is the people, whom I am 'friends' with, who have opposing political opinions, ie voting NO in the referendum, voting Ukip in the European Elections and don't have a problem with fracking or are liking posts from Britain First etc, which, when I see them appear o my feed, make me want to type big posts to help the see the error of their ways.  Then I realise that that is the democratic world we are striving for, freedom of speech and to believe what we each feel is correct.  When that happens, I tend to take a self imposed hiatus from all social media, as the frustration starts to stress me out.
So why blog? Well, I want to create some sort of permanent log to look back on and see how far we have came on our journey (although not sure if it will remain a public blog, hence the deliberate lack of personal info/photos).
From the age of 12 I kept a diary, and at 22 years old, I chucked the whole lot out. I didn't want anyone to read my thoughts or opinions as they were mine. I regret this now, as I would love to look back and see what I was thinking, viewing the world as a teenager, especially as I am now a parent. So now, going to blog and see what happens, and hopefully be able to look back in years to come as say "remember when.."
Back to social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter) I find them both increasingly frustrating and equally invaluable - especially facebook with the networking of home-educating families that we have met with and are in touch with, arranging meet ups with and sharing experiences/support  on some closed groups too.
So I either have to put up with the junk I see on my feed and ignore some of the 'friends' (some of whom are family) or have a massive cull and only keep those that I need/ engage with or are interested in. But then, how would all those undecided/ No voters learn about the wonderful opportunity facing us on 18th Sept 2014, if I' not there, posting it on their feed...?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pinterest Addiction

I love Pinterest. I was first introduced to it a couple of years ago by a friend and found it incredibly useful for getting ideas for craft activities for my then toddler. However, I soon discovered that EVERYTHING is available to 'pin' depending upon your interest. In the past 2 years or so, I have built up 37 boards and around 6500 pins and lost an unspeakable amount of hours ..... I think an intervention may be required.
From these oodles of pins, what have I done with them? Well, I have had fun making bits and pieces for our home and have many decorating/upcycling ideas, inspiration for new hair styles, crafting ideas for me and my child... but I don't really put it to work properly.
So, yesterday I created a new Pinterest Scarf Lady account, and am only pinning stuff that is useful, of interest AND stuff that we can actually do.  A friend made the decision to try a Pinterest recipe for her and her family one day each week, so far so good, new and interesting meals.  This has inspired me to start using my boards too.  I don't want to limit the subject to, for example, 1 new craft project with Kiddo every week, as our weeks are pretty much in constant flux and very dependant up on the mood of my child, but starting next week, I am planning on doing 'something' from Pinterest. That is my goal.
I think Hubby is relieved that Pinterest wasn't around when we were getting married, otherwise I doubt he would have seen much of me until the actual wedding!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Russell Brand - Awakened Man

Came across this on Facebook today. I really enjoy what Russell Brand has to say on what is wrong with the world and how it can be improved.  I found this video quite inspiring.


Busy Busy Busy

Where has the last week gone? We've been busy every day and as a result I have 6 half started blog posts and nothing has ben finished. Oh well. What can I say - the sun has been shining and since it is a rare thing in these parts, we're making the most of it. In no particular order we have been playing in the garden, doing very un elegant cartwheels (with resulting nausea and dizziness - me not Kiddo...) painting, visiting, working, cooking, book binding (fabulous workshop) among other things.
And now, while I have a few minutes of quiet, the sun is streaming in the livingroom window, I thought I'd pop in to say hello, with my coffee and toast.
Promise to complete the other 6 blogs, but if the sun is out playing, so are we.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fun in the sun

What a glorious day - and a busy day too.
Our wee home-ed group is growing. A joint meet up today with the local group over the river to 'The Kingdom', where 16 families met and spent 3-4 fun filled hours in the sunshine in the park.  We went along and met up with our friends and made several new ones. The adults got the chance to mingle, chat, relax and just chill out. The kids had the freedom to play with their pals and make new ones (Kiddo declared in the car journey home, that he now has a girlfriend!!!). They had the park pretty much to themselves, give or take the odd family out with a little person, too young yet for school, therefore were able to go off and explore and play without us parents hovering around, supervising 'nice play'. The children were aged 3-13 today and they played in mixed groups (the aforementioned girlfriend is 10yo), where any fall outs and bickering were sorted out amongst themselves. When anyone didn't want to play anymore, there were plenty others to play with.
Interestingly, a school group came to play for a while as well, all in their yellow hi-vis vests on, much to the bemusement of our kids. I felt a little sorry for the school trip, as once they had had their allotted time in the park, they were all ushered back to school, while we continued our play.
We left the park with new friends and a large ice cream cone, with raspberry sauce, very happy and a little sunburnt.
Next, off to Gran and Papa's for a surprise visit, and a welcoming cuppa.
Upon arriving home, a little boy in our street was out on his bike, so naturally he had a playmate, the 2 of them racing each other and having a ball, until time for dinner.
All in all, a fab day, with plenty fun and laughter and sunshine.

Hello summer, join the party, feel free to stay a while x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Full Moon

Full moon tonight, but due to cloud cover, she is hiding. 
This is the first full moon since Beltane, where the energy of the season continues to grow, with a focus on fertility, sensuality passion, commitment and prosperity - in our personal relationships, in our gardens, in our professional lives.  Hence the variety of names given to this particular moon - Hawthorn Moon (Celtic name Huath), Flower Moon and Hare Moon.
The full moon is the symbolic mother in full pregnant bloom, and, as a mother myself, I need not to look to the sky to know exactly where in the moon's cycle we are. For a day or 2 prior and for a day or so following the full moon, I have a highly excitable and energetic 4 year old. While there may or may not be clear scientific evidence of whether the moon has any effect on human behaviour, I don't need printed proof. My child IS proof in our household. To quote my hubby :
"Of all your hippie-dippy theories, this is one I 100% believe in"
When he came home from work this morning, after spending about half an our with Kiddo, he asked :
"Its a full moon tonight, isn't it?"
So we get up and get out for as much of the day as we can, hoping that the park isn't too busy (the joy of all the other local children being in school, means we generally get the park to ourselves) and let that energy out, with no timescales, and a whole lot of freedom.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day off

Traditionally, Sunday, is a day of rest. In my world, it is no different. Except to say, this is the day I go to work. Yes, Sunday is the day I get to go to work for 8 hours and not have to think about anything other than remembering to greet every customer, offer to pack their shopping, chat about anything interesting (such as last nights Eurovision) or mundane (the weather : lovely warm sunny day, where is the rain that was forecast on my weather app??) and say cheerio, all with a smile. Rinse and repeat. Compared to the other 6 days of the week, this is most definitely my day off.
As with most days off, where people meet up and catch up with friends, I too catch up with old friends, it just so happens that the majority of old friends I have caught up with in the past few months on my 'day off', I have not seen or spoken to in years (some for more than 20 years!) - an old work colleague from my first job when I was 14, a woman I worked with and who's 21st birthday party I attended 18 years ago, old school friends' mothers, even my primary 7 school teacher, among others. Its actually quite fun to go to work these days.
The best bit, however, is when I get home.  Kiddo has spent the day with his Gran (being spoiled in the way only a Gran can spoilt her grandson), but he gets to stay up late when I get in so that we can have our time, which tonight consisted of Lego (rebuilding the demolished constructions that my Lego super fan hubby spent ages constructing) and story time with a collection of puppets and cuddly toys.
Now with one boy fast asleep and the other away to work for the night, I can relax with a small glass of red.
No dreaded Sunday Night Blues in this house. Just Life

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Waving *Hello*. Saying "Good morning"

After toying with the idea of writing a blog for about 6 years, I have finally decided to do it. Not really for much more than to keep a record of life, and how it twists and turns as we wander along its path. A record that we (my family and I) can look back on over the years and remember the 'stuff' that we otherwise may have forgotten...although my 4yo has a memory that is incredibly long and accurate!
So, as I sit here with my morning cuppa and toast, I wonder what life has instore for us today? Already I have set off the fire alarm, whilst making toast and hear the voice from the livingroom, holler : "Maybe you should shut the door next time, mum!". Ehm, who is the parent?  Where did he learn that tone ? Think I was officially, just 'telt'
Ok, Saturday, we're ready, come and get us :)