Wednesday, 25 June 2014

85 Days To Go

We're just too wee to be a serious independent country on the world stage.

Too wee? In what sense?

In the geographical sense? Scotland, at a size of 30,414 square miles (a coastline of 7,330 miles and a 60mile land border with England), is larger than Malta (122sq miles), The Netherlands, (16,039 sq miles) Denmark (16,562 sq miles) and Costa Rica (19,653 sq miles).

In population size? With a population of 5.2million citizens, we have a greater population living in oor wee country than Iceland (wee population of 324,300), Malta (416,000), New Zealand (4.5million), Rep of Ireland (4.5million), Costa Rica (4.6million), and Norway (5.1million)

In wealth? According to the Financial Times iScotland is wealthier than the UK, is one of the top exportesr in the world and our GDP per head is greater then that of France.

In natural resources? 10% of Europe's wind and 25%  of the tidal power, is available as clean renewable energy. There is estimated to be more then 20bn barrels of oil in North Sea. Our land is fertile for farming.

Interestingly, I found a report listing the 10 most prosperous countries in 2012, complied by the Legatum Institute, called the Legatum Prosperity Index. It covered 142 countries, ranking then based in the following 8 categories : economy, education, entrepreneurship & opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety & security and social capital.
This was the result as at 2012 :

10 - Ireland
9 - Switzerland
8 - Netherlands
7 - Finland
6 - Canada
5 - New Zealand
4 - Australia
3 - Sweden
2 - Denmark
1 - Norway

With the exception of Australia and Canada, the other 8 countries are considered smaller nations.  As I mentioned earlier, Scotland is geographically larger than 2 of these countries, with a greater population size than 3 of them.

Too wee? Aye right.  Lets take our place, on the world stage, in our own right, and soar.



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