Monday, 23 June 2014

86 Days To Go

Why YES?

I don't see, hear or know personally, of anyone moving to NO!

This is not  case of "if all your pals jumped in the canal, would you too?"

Having moved through the stages of, why would be want a referendum, to NO, to I'm not sure, to YES,  I am always interested to hear other peoples' journeys to YES, too. The reasons tend to be fairly similar but different priorities.

The polls are showing a trend of people moving over to the YES camp.  Every other day I read about another Labour supporter now supporting Labour for Indy, or another youtube video being uploaded in support - the most recent one I watched from our supporters in Wales

Is there anyone out there, who has gone from YES, through to NO? I'm interested to know why.
If the support for Yes is continuing to grow, surely we must all have the same belief / desire/ will / confidence to know that it is the right thing to do, and why then would we vote for anything else?

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