Tuesday, 17 June 2014

92 Days To Go


Work has begun on the Scottish Independence Bill.  The draft of the new Scottish Constitution for an Independent Scotland was published yesterday for consultation.
For me, the key points of note were :

Part 1: 1.(3/b) - the Scottish Government assumes full responsibility for the government of Scotland
Part 2: 2 - in Scotland, the people are sovereign
            3.(1) - In Scotland, the people have the sovereign right to self-determination and to choose  
                       freely the form in which their State is to be constituted and how they are to be
            8.(2) - The Scottish Parliament may choose, as it sees fit, a national anthem for Scotland.
Game on - lets pick a rousing anthem that we want to sing out loud and proud, be it Flower of Scotland or something brand new - how exciting!
           12(1) - The Scottish Parliament and its members, as the elected representatives of the people,
                       are accountable to the people.
           23 - Nuclear disarmament.  The Scottish Government must pursue negotiations with view to
                  securing -
               (a) - nuclear disarmament in accordance with international law, and
               (b) - the safe and expeditious removal from the territory of Scotland of nuclear weapons
                       based there.
            31(3) - ...must seek to promote-
                (a) - the conservation of biodiversity
                (b) - measures to tackle climate change
            32 -  Scotland's natural resources are to be used in a manner which is -
                (a) -  best calculated to be sustainable, and
                (b) - of economical, social, environmental or other benefit to the people of Scotland.
Part 3: 35 - Repeal of the Act of  Union
                  The Union with England Act 1707 is repealed.

Full details are available via the link below.        

A new constitution for a new era. Written for the people of Scotland, in consultation WITH the people of Scotland.

How wonderful.


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