Saturday, 14 June 2014

95 Days To Go

The Common Weal

"Common Weal is an old Scots phrase that means both 'wealth shared in common' and 'for the wellbeing of all'.  It has become the name for a different kind of politics, a politics that puts All Of Us First."

This arrived this morning - the best post I could receive (makes a lovely change from bills and junk mail). I bought this book as it has been researched and written for the purpose of delivering a better Scotland, regardless of the referendum outcome in September.  The project was a 12month research project run by the Jimmy Reid Foundation and comprises 50 academic reports by "scores of authors" on everything from finance to food to industry to democracy and all sorts in between.

So far I have read a grand total of 4 pages (my Saturday activities with my son came first) and I want to just re-type the whole lot on here! So I'm going to take a few quotes, quotes that reflect the reasons why I am voting for Independence in 96 days time :

"Scotland's people are in a unique position - we have been invited to imagine our nation afresh. So let's do it"
"Common Weal is about creating a politics and a society which once again puts citizens at its heart...A politics that can change Scotland can only be a politics that includes everyone."
"Until now the biggest barrier [to making the changes] has been confidence - we have been trained to believe that no alternative is possible, that achieving a decent society is just too damn complicated, so best not to try"  A perfect example of this was a recent conversation with my Mother-in-law regarding the UK in general with the impact Ukip is having. Her response was :"Well, what are we to do, there's nothing we can do" YES THERE IS!!
What are (my) hopes? "To live a good life...with a home, work, security, community, recreation, public service and respect; a politics which cares about us would be built on these foundations.  Profiteering, competition, elitism, greed, anger, blame and mistrust are not words that represent (my) hopes.  So why are they the foundation of the politics we have?"

I am only on page 2 of the first chapter but cant wait to read more, to discover ways and models from around the world that have worked and how the models could be applied, adapted or influence a realistic change for Scotland, for the better.


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