Tuesday, 10 June 2014

99 Days To Go

I'm voting YES because : Its got nothing to do with the SNP!

I am not an SNP voter - never have been. I am not the biggest fan of Alex Salmond, but I don't mind him (he certainly came across a lot better, in last nights edition of Scotland Tonight, than Alistair Darling). I vote Green and would love for Patrick Harvie to be our Prime Minister/First Minister or which ever the title would be, come independence.

The SNP as our "democratically elected government" (to quote our First Minister), is leading the debate and the push for independence, but take a look at some of the other parties/groups also behind the campaign - Scottish Greens, Labour for Independence, Women for Independence, National Collective, Scottish Socialist Party, Business for Scotland, Mums For Independence, English Scots for Yes, Scottish CND, Academics for Yes, Yes Scotland, and more - plus all the grassroots groups, like Yestival and Radical Independence, proper grassroots groups founded by the Scottish people, not bank rolled and fronted by MPs and their banker friends.... They are all striving for Indy too, believing that it is the best way to g - best for Scotland and the people, who both live and work here.

Once we are independent, we don't know if the SNP will be re-elected, it may be a Labour government to hold office. We will make that decision when we return to the ballot and choose OUR government. What is more, we will actually get the government of our choosing, to run our country, for the people of the country.

So voting NO, based upon the opinion of " I don't like Alex Salmond" or "I don't like the SNP" or "I remember when the SNP were essentially the Scottish Tories in the 80's" is not a valid reason for not voting YES.

Its not about the SNP, its about the reality of choosing our own government chosen by you, the people of Scotland, to run our country.



  1. Hello you! I'm glad I found your online home! Love the idea of this blog. I had a look back at what you got up to in Edinburgh on Saturday: I love that floral art under a tree!

    I've voted for every party apart from the Tories at some point or another, depending on where we are and where they think we are. But it's been SNP for awhile now. I don't get the whole bashing of Alex Salmond thing. I think he's articulate, funny and polite and Nicola Sturgeon equally so. Next time someone says they don't like him, ask them why: I'll bet you fifty quid they can't give you a single factual reason. It's just lazy rhetoric that helps them avoid thinking, a bit of a political meme.

    You're bookmarked! I'll call by daily! x

  2. Hi Lynn. Thanks for popping in :)
    Did you watch the women's conference on Monday? Nicola Sturgeon was excellent, I love listening to her speeches, she's very inspiring and motivational. I don't get why a lot of women don't like her. I've been warming more Alex Salmond as the campaign has gone on, (my opinion of him changed watching him give his keynote speech last year), as always thought him a bit smarmy and smug, but when actually listen to him, he's just passionate, and very charismatic. Not a big fan, but certainly not a hater.
    Just realised its after midnight, so can now post "98 days to go". Hope you enjoy x


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