Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Another year older...

And still none the wiser....well, maybe not, I think I am fairly wise regarding some matters.  Maybe the saying should be: Another year older, but not any more sensible/responsible? Hmm, perhaps not. Still, my age is only the number of years I have been around, there is no rule book as to how one ought to act in accordance to that particular number - I still feel, sometimes, like I am 17, other days like I'm 71! And every other day I am in denial as to my real age and am, quite frankly, staying at 32. My younger sister is now actually older than me. I refuse to budge from 32 (it was a good year and a nice age), until my 40th. I think 40 seems like a good age - plus I want a party and have a 'secret' Pinterest board already, planning my Roaring 20's themed party - cannae wait, Charleston, anyone?

Anyway, this year, it was a scorching day - cue family day out to Largs. A roasting car journey, to the beach, which turned out to be a pebble beach, with a funfair and plenty ice cream.  The picnic got scoffed en route.  Ferries to and from Millport were watched every 20 mins and stones were skimmed. When I say skimmed, Hubby skimmed a couple of good ones, mine plopped straight into the sea and Kiddo's just got hurled waterwards.  It is impossible to go to Largs without going to the famous Nardini's - but that is exactly what we did.  I cannot believe we went and didn't get their ice cream - just a cone on the sea front! That said, it was a pretty awesome cone.

 Enough of skimming - sitting and playing as the tide comes in
The water here is SO clear - its beautiful.

Another roasting journey home, and relaxed with a cheeky wee rum.

It was lovely to spend my day with my boys, as last year they were both poorly and I was 'delicate' following the Stone Roses gig in Glasgow Green the previous night.

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