Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fun on a Saturday

Just spent a lovely day with Kiddo. The sun has been shining (although its now raining...) and we haven't watched a single football match.
A wee jaunt through to the city for a children's festival at "The Top Of the Town", where our good friend's coffee shop was hosting an activity.  When I mentioned this to Kiddo, his response was : "Ooh, great, I love my uncle's coffee shop AND his chocolate cake!" I was meaning for him to be excited about the story and craft event, but he was clearly excited for cake. Not going to argue - the chocolate cake is gorgeous, as is his homemade elderflower cordial which I was lucky enough to sample (guzzle).  The story/craft session was good fun and we left with  our very own flag of peace.

Since it was such a lovely day, and I am a member of Historic Scotland and get in for free, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon up at the castle, which we both love.  Exploring the castle with all its dungeons and nooks and crannies is a kids dream. Its a shame that so many people have lost their imagination as they grew up.  Whilst we were down in one of the 'dungeons' - I think it may have been the Constable's residence, but its sort of under the castle and then down a spiral staircase into an empty cavern, where the old walls have fallen between the 'rooms' its pretty dark and dingy, but perfect for climbing and exploring as is our want - a couple who came down behind us commented :"Is this it? There's nothing here. How disappointing, that was a waste of time". Kiddo stopped mid-clamber to ask me why they thought it was rubbish, as there was lots to see. We could see where we thought the bedroom would have been, the livingroom, the old chimney/fireplace, and how cold it would have been in the winter as the windows were just long  holes in the thick walls, and the damp in the window bits had dampened the seat of his shorts, (but "that's ok mummy, they'll dry").  I guess I am lucky to see the old ruins and history through my child's imagination - its a magical place to be


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