Saturday, 14 June 2014


Confession : I am completely useless with technology. I don't understand the jargon and I don't have the interest or patience to learn it. I just want it to work, nice and easy.
I am still learning how to work my smart phone - there are some apps on there that I will never use. I can happily use/navigate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but that is about my limit. 
My limit is being tested currently as I try to play around with this blog.  Sure, it looks all pretty and my posts are available to read, but trying to get into the nitty gritty of making pages and linking blog posts to actual pages, is proving a, now how should I word this..., a challenge...
I gave up last night, and have returned this morning, fully rested and fully caffeinated, but it really is like rocket science as far as I am concerned.
I have 2 options here. 1, persevere and hope for a minor miracle of technological clarity (highly unlikely) or 2, just go and play at being an Australian museum curator for Kiddo's game of dinosaur adventures, where I have to remain in character for the rest of the morning.
Yeh, I'm away to find a spinoaurus.
(Today's dino-den in the livingroom)


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