Saturday, 26 July 2014

54 Days To Go

As shocking as it is, food banks are becoming a way of life for so many of our citizens.  Our politicians down in Westminster don't care. They keep punishing the poor and vulnerable with their austerity cuts, and are happy to pose for local press, cutting the ribbon at the opening of the latest local food bank.
Last month, a group of musicians got together in Edinburgh, with singer, Darren Docherty, to record Dougie Mclean's 'Caledonia'.
All proceeds from this song are going to support food bank charities in Scotland.

The single is being released on iTunes and Amazon on Monday 27th July 2014 - lets get it to No1 in the charts, and make the politicians sit up and take notice.

I had heard of suggestions to rerelease either the Dougie McLean or Frankie Miller version, in time for the referendum, to make it number 1 then, but this is more important.

Caledonia is a brilliant song, I just LOVE it, and it always makes me smile.

So please, check out the new version, buy it and share the video far and wide.



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