Wednesday, 2 July 2014

77 Days To Go

Celebrity Endorsement

So today, Mike Myers has come forward to throw his hat in the ring and declare that he hopes that "Scotland will remain part of Britain".  All this "love-bombing" is over whelming. The publicity it is generating is really something.  Celebrities from home and abroad are being asked for their opinion in the upcoming referendum, in which, many are unable to vote, given that they are don't live in Scotland, or for some, even in the British Isles. As soon as we hear the opinion of a 'celebrity' that Scotland should remain within the union, it is Breaking News!

So, in the interest of a fair comparison, I have compiled a list of which 'slebs are For or Against Indy, or have made it clear that they are unwilling to give their opinion. 

And in no particular order :

For Indy                       Against                        Not saying
Eddi Reader                 Eddie Izzard                Andy Murray
The Proclaimers          The Pope                      Billy Connolly
Elaine C Smith            Nicky Clarke               Amy Macdonald
David Tennant             David Bowie               Chris Hoy
Simon Pegg                  Mike Myers                                    
Alan Cumming            Lorraine Kelly                                
Brian Cox                    JK Rowling                                   
Frankie Boyle              John Barrowman
Annie Lennox             The Krankies
Kevin Bridges             Stan Baxter
Sean Connery              SuBo
Alan McGee                Alex Ferguson
Billy Bragg                  Sharleen Spitteri
David Hayman             Neil Oliver
Dougie Mclean            Kermit the Frog
Gerard Butler               Ewan McGregor
Hardeep Singh Kohli   Rod Stewart
Iain Banks                    Emma Thompson
Irvine Welsh     
Jack Vettriano
James Cosmo
Jim Delahunt
Ken Loach
Kyle Falconer
Kieren Webster
Liz Lochead
Pat Kane
Peter Mullen
Ricky Ross
Robbie Coltrane (only if Scottish labour indy)
Stuart Braithwaite
John Gordon Sinclair
Janey Godley
Greg Hemphill
Paolo Nutini
Noel Gallagher
Christopher Brookmyre
Elijah Wood
Aiden Moffat
Dave Grohl
Lelsey Riddoch
Alex Norton
John Michie
Suzanne Moore

Not sure I recall all these names in the For column being Breaking News as getting much, if any, media coverage at all when they publically chose to make their decision to vote YES, known.  I have not included any names of politicians, or many of the lesser known artists, have stuck to 'celebrity' or better known names, who have expressed their desire for a YES vote in September.
Does anyone notice anything quite telling between the 2 columns (I'm thinking of where these people actually live)?

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