Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Century in Film :

From Scotland with Love

A friend recommended this film a couple of weeks ago, and I watched it, but not all of it at the time.
I'm sitting blogging just now regarding my 100 days series for Indy, and see that it has been on TV again (Sunday 13th July on BBC 4 at 9pm, I'm watching it on catch up!)

This is a film, made entirely of silent footage of Scotland and the everyday people of Scotland living their lives. King Creosote provides the soundtrack, and I have to say that it is emotional stuff.

I love watching films, looking through old photos (doesn't matter if I know the people or not), reading old stories, about the lives of everyday people. About how they lived, where they lived, how the dressed, family life, everything - it fascinates me endlessly.  I think I must be an old soul, as I always feel some sort of connection to by gone eras, but only Scottish ones, strangely enough. A sense of excitement and nostalgia for a time I have never lived in! That I know of...

If you get a chance to watch, I thoroughly recommend it (its on for 71 mins and available on iplayer for the next 6 days)

Ok, back to my other blog post, or it'll never get finished....



  1. I'll need to make a point of watching this. Thanks for pointing it out. I always find myself looking into all those faces from the past and wondering that they've all gone now.

    1. I ended up watching the film, with a stupid grin on my face, imagining the lives of these anonymous people. People are such fascinating creatures, and I am a nosey one :) x


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