Saturday, 23 August 2014

26 Days To Go

So frustrated!

This may seem a little petty, but today, I want independence to prove to the naysayers that they are wrong!
A child-like "na na nana naaa, I told you so!"
Yes its petty, but so too are comments being made from the No camp on their various social media sites, from the newspaper articles being published and from the leaders of No Thanks/BT/Project Fear/UK Government. I have just finished reading an article by a blogger Politica Sancturium as to why Scotland shouldn't be independent, and I cannot believe that I am still seeing those ill informed misguided points.
We (us on the side of indy) are repeatedly mocked for our view of iScotland, we are told we are anti-English bravehearts. Our most popular and productive politician (Alex Salmond) has been and continues to be demonised and vilified and ridiculed. Lies are told by NO, debunked by YES, rinsed and repeated. The negativity from the BT Facebook page is awful and should any Yes person pose a question or challenge a comment, they are blocked.
I am even further frustrated by those who, are not undecided, but not bothered! How on earth can people not be bothered??? I went out canvassing door to door during the week, and quite a few people said they hadn't yet looked into it.  In one home, the guy that answered the door was undecided as hadn't looked into anything other than the televised debate, but was leaning towards YES, but his wife was leaning towards NO. He was going to start his research with the white paper though.  In another home, the woman ( I would guess, in her mid-late 20's) who answered the door admitted that she probably wouldn't vote as didn't pay attention to politics and was sick of the whole thing anyway, wanted her Facebook feed back to normal.
Complacency, apathy, ignorance, "I'm doing alright, so that's fine", encouraging anti-English sentiment in Scotland by incorrectly accusing the YES voters of this, will not only NOT get us our independence, but it will do NOTHING to help ANYONE in this country, or our relations with other countries either.
The No vote is a slippery slope and the only way is South, literally and figuratively.
A bit of a ranty post today, through sheer frustration.  The support for YES is mounting, we have over 1million citizens now signed the declaration, but the tone and misinformation and tactics used by the otherside leave me not only frustrated but sad too, sad that this is how our nation is viewed.

Today's post was brought to you from Little Miss Yes - the name I was called by one middleclass complacent person who hadn't looked in it yet.



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