Friday, 15 August 2014

34 Days To Go

Project Fear

The self titled nick-name for Better Together or No Thanks, or what ever they choose to call themselves in the last dash before 18th September, could not be more accurate.
Project Fear says it all.  Loud and clear. And I tell you right now, I am feart. Feart they win. Like, proper feart, they win!
Why? Here's why (in no particular order) :

1. I'm feart that by choosing to Vote No, we are authorising the Uk government to renew Trident, keep their nuclear arsenal on our shores, wasting billions of pounds on said weapons that we will NEVER use, instead of using the money for health or education or welfare.
2. I'm feart that by voting NO we give away our bargaining chip with the UK - we would basically be handing over our country to Westminster and tell them to just do as they please.
3. I'm feart that Devo-Max is just an urban legend.  All 3 main parties voted against it going on the ballot in the first place, but now they're all like, we'll give you more powers.  The only power I want right now is one of premonition!
4. I'm feart that by voting No, the powers that are already devolved are withdrawn.  Just because they are devolved, this does not mean they are permanently ours - the powers surrounding energy, fracking in particular have already been taken back - is this just the start? Remember, devolution is a gift from Westminster and the monarch.
5. I'm feart that by choosing to vote No, the proposals for recalculation of the Barnett formula and the reduction of the block grant from Westminster come to fruition, meaning a significant decrease in money coming to Scotland that we use for essential services like the NHS.
6. I'm feart that my fellow countrymen/women are swallowing the poisonous tripe being fed to them by Project Fear, the Westminster government and the mainstream media.
7. I'm feart that by voting No we are selling off our NHS and that in times of need in the future, I or my family wont be able to afford medical bills - how much will cancer treatment cost? maternity costs, a hip replacement, etc
8.  I'm feart that by voting No, that my wages will never be a living wage inline with inflation, and the number of people now regarded as the 'working poor' becomes the norm.
9.  I'm feart that by voting NO, food banks become the norm, as already voiced by Better Together Aberdeenshire
10.  I'm feart that by voting NO, we will be leaving the EU, without any thought for what we want.  The general consensus in Scotland, is that we want to stay in Europe. For all its bureaucracy and red tape, it has actually done so much for human rights and equality.  The proposed referendum will be held, but the Scottish vote is not enough to sway it in any direction.
11. I'm feart that by voting NO, we are voting for another term of Tory government come 2016, with a very realistic possibility of another coalition, but with UKIP this time.  UKIP who have no time for human rights other than their own. Who have no interest in the Scottish Parliament or N.Irish or Welsh Assemblies, wishing instead to abolish the 3 of them.
12. I'm feart that by voting No, we have not learned the lessons from the past, and Maggie's ghost will come back to haunt us and taunt us for our stupidity.
13.  I'm feart that by voting No, my pension will be worthless by the time I am due to retire, when I am around 69, possibly older.
14. I'm feart that by voting No, I wont be able to enjoy my senior years as without a liveable pension, how will I be able to afford my medical bills?
15. I'm feart that  by voting No, we are allowing the continued increase of  xenophobia being spread through the isles and causing further rifts, race hate crimes and divisions within communities, rather than embracing diversity.
16. I'm feart that by voting No, we are voting against democracy, against a more fair and just society and against equality.
17. I 'm feart that by voting No, we are telling not just Westminster, but the world, that we are too wee, too poor, too stupid to actually take control and responsibility for ourselves. That we are proud to be ruled and governed by a master in a different country.
18. I'm feart that by voting No, all the new oil that has been discovered in the north sea will be squandered once again, and that the full scale of the theft will not be disclosed until its too late - AGAIN!
19. I'm feart that by voting No, there will be no positive move towards to renewable green energy, and instead fracking will be given the green light and the central belt of Scotland (which has been primed for fracking) is destroyed, taking with it our health.
20. I'm feart that by voting No, we are heading for more wars, rather than peace.  The UK just cant resist going to war.  As for peace, just take a look at their stance on the situation in Gaza.
21.  I'm feart that by voting No, we are deciding that only the wealthy children in our society will be attending university.  Now, uni isn't for everyone, but I would at least like my son to have the choice for himself if that is the route he wishes to take. With our diminished pocketmoney, we won't be able to continue free university education.
22. I'm feart that by voting No, we are stopping ourselves from actually trying to do any better, be any better than we are just now. Not giving Scotland the chance to properly flourish and achieve what she/we are capable of.  The Common Weal wont get a look in, not while we have Westminster overlording.
23. I'm feart that by voting No, that we are saying, austerity is acceptable, penalising the most vulnerable is acceptable, that protecting the bankers and elite, celebratory tax avoiders etc are all perfectly acceptable, that protecting and not investigating/losing evidence for insider gross crimes against children is all above board and perfectly appropriate.
24.  I'm feart that by voting No, we are telling the mainstream media that we are perfectly happy to pay our tv licence and buy newspapers that are completely biased against the country they are broadcasting or reporting to, supporting instead the propaganda machine of Westminster.
25. I'm feart that by voting No, we are signing off on the provision that our achievement will always be British, but our failures will always be Scottish.
26.  I'm feart that by voting No, we will always be a shortbread tin away from dignity and will remain to be patronised by men in skirts and see-you-jimmy bunnets
27. I'm feart that by voting No, we are letting down not only ourselves, but the next and all future generations coming up behind us. I dread to think what sort of state Scotlandshire will be in by then.
28.  I'm feart that by voting No, we are raising another generation of adults who are behaving like children, unable to make a decision for themselves, and to obediently do as they are told, no questions asked. Yes Westminster, No Westminter, 3 bags full Westminster, my master.
29.  I'm feart that by voting No, some people have just been bone idle, lazy, apathetic, blind no brain thickos (trying really hard not to swear here) andhave just voted No, with no thought or consideration  for what they are actually voting for, and effectively send us all down the river for a union jack and an 'easy life'
30. I'm feart that by voting No, Scotland will continue to subsidise the rUK (HS2, House of Lords, etc) without recognition, but instead continue to be mistakenly called the subsidy junkie - a view that has been shared to the rUK.
31. I'm feart that by voting No, on the 19th September we will be expected to now toe the Westminster line and to 'know our place'. A place that will be reiterated to us at every opportunity.

So aye, Project Fear has put the fear into me.
Only one way to banish this nightmare, is to wake up and vote YES!



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