Monday, 11 August 2014

38 days to go

After the referendum when we, hopefully, win the vote that decides that Scotland should be an independent nation, guess what - we're not going anywhere!
We are not separating from the British Isles to float off into a North Sea abyss.
We are not constructing a border that currently doesn't exist - because guess what - that border is already there. There is a border differentiating the geographical location of Scotland  and England, and Wales too for that matter. It runs from the Solway Firth just south of Gretna, across 96 miles to the River Tweed, just north of Berwick. This border's location was established back in 1237.
Anyone driving south from Scotland on either the M74 in the west or the A1 in the east, will cross the 'border' into England, and a great big sign will welcome them to England. On the same roads north, a great big sign welcomes you to Scotland.  See, there is already a border, no need to create a new one.


There has been so much discussion surrounding 'separating' from the union and talks of the nations getting divorced, etc, but in truth we are choosing to end an unbalanced union that is out of date and does not meet the needs of all parties. I say 'parties' as opposed to 'partners' as in this, to use the divorce analogy, relationship, there is no partnership.  The relationship between Scotland and England is more parent / child (with England being the parent). We are expected to do as we are told (Westminster), listen to and respect our betters (Sleb love bombing stunts), and be grateful for what we've got (already got devolution, why do we need any more, eh, Boris?), but misbehave and it can quickly be taken back off us.
We all have friends and family scattered throughout the British Isles, and friends and family they will always remain. Going independent doesn't change that. What changes with indy, is the relationship with those that govern. We will be a nation on an equal footing with our next door neighbour, and will have our respect and dignity, and expect to be treated with such. 2 adult nations side by side. (I am well aware that England is not the rUK, that Wales and N.Ireland also have a part to play in this big 'family', but both Wales and Ireland have as much influence over the running of the UK as Scotland does, ie not very much, if any!)
Once we have our independence, I am 100% certain that the powers that be in Westminster will want to be our best pals (even if they believe us to be subsidised by rUK and all the other rubbish that is pontificated), I mean don't they want to be in with the 'oil rich' in-crowd? Well, apart from those they would rather invade instead....

If we want to get really pedantic - after indy, we will not only be Scottish, but we will still be British, and believe it or not, European. Yes, European. We will remain British because our country is part of the geographical landmass that forms the British Isles:
Great Britain is a geographical term consisting of Scotland England and Wales. The British Isles consists of the 3 countries of Great Britain, the entire island of Ireland, the Channel Islands, Orkney and Shetland Islands, Isle of Man, the Hebrides, Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, Lundy Island and various off shore islands too.
Great Britain is not the same as Britain, which is just made up of England and Wales.
Info from Project Britain 
Regardless of whether the EU lets us stay or terminates our membership (temporarily or otherwise), we will remain Europeans, because our land is part of the continent of Europe.
The titles with which we assume our ethnic identity are geographical, not just political.

So you see, we're not going anywhere, we're just taking responsibility and charge of our own affairs.  To be independent is a natural state of being. Being tied to a broken dysfunctional union is not.

And we still love you too xxx



  1. It does make me laugh when people start talking about 'losing us' as if we're going to saw through the earth and create a chasm.

    By the way, you should be a researcher.

  2. Its ridiculous, eh? That project fear machine at its best.
    I do like to get my teeth into a topic if i can ;)


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