Monday, 8 September 2014

10 Days To Go

I love babies. I don't care who is pregnant, as soon as I hear the news, I am delighted for whoever it happens to be, and hope they have the healthy pregnancy and the birth they hope for, to bring their wee precious baba(s) into the world.  I like hearing pregnancy and birth stories,  and love finding out the sex of the infant and the best bit - their name!
And so with todays news that Wills n Kate are expecting baby #2 I am a little torn.  I am super excited for them, but a little sad that they had to announce it early (pre 12week scan) again due to the chronic morning sickness that Kate is suffering with.  I am also a bit cynical and annoyed. Why? Because I have a feeling that this 'wonderous news' may be a 'bandaid baby'. Save the union with the women's vote - aww a wee baby. I wonder if they were somehow 'put up to it' by Granny Liz..? Its all to do with the timing you see. 10 days, that's all we've got left, 10 days - could they not have waited with the announcement? Its all a bit convenient. Kate is not being treated in hospital for her Hyperemesis Gravidarum (chronic morning/all day sickness), but instead from her residential palace, so surely it could have been kept hidden for a mere 10 more days?

When Prince George was born, I was excited with most of the nation. A wee baby. Not a future King in my mind, but a healthy baby for a happy couple and again, I couldn't wait to find out his name, after getting over the shock that he was a boy as I was convinced he was going to be a girl!
The chances are that this baby will probably never be our ruling Monarch. He'll (or she'll) get to enjoy the perks of being a royal and party on our taxes. During a time of tough austerity measures, are we honestly expected to pay for another baby throughout his life? The regular common subject can expect to have any benefits they are in receipt of, cut and have to pull in belts to meet the cost of living, whilst Prince George has already had £2m spent on refurbing his nursery alone!

Its not George's or his sibling-to-be's fault that they are so privileged at our expense, they are no better than the rest of us. So why then do we need to continue to pay for them?
I wish Kate and William well and the joys and challenges of parenting that the present and future holds, but one (me, not Her Maj) is not amused about being expected to pay for it.
The news of the royal baby has zero impact on the referendum, and so it shouldn't, but it will be milked for all it is worth over the next 10 days. Altogether under the crown - give me a break!
Congratulations Wills n Kate, and in 10 days time, congratulations to Scotland on the impending (re)birth of our nation.




  1. Love those last sentences. I too, almost fell off my chair laughing at the timing. I am majorly cynical about it. Thankfully, I think the vast majority of people in Scotland have seen through the establishment and the Royals now represent a great deal of what we want rid of.

    Great post. x

  2. First indy, then a republic ;) I couldn't believe it yesterday, then took a second and of course completely believed it - its hilarious x


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