Thursday, 4 September 2014

14 Days To Go

Its not going to be easy...
But then, no-one said it was going to be.
September 19th, well maybe the 20th, is when the work really begins and the negotiations commence.
Money (cannot bear to use the C word anymore. No, not that one, the financial C word, the favourite word of Better Together), division of assets, the BBC (isn't that one of the bargaining chips being used to keep us?), the removal of Trident, the setting up of our own government and public service departments. The setting up of our new country.
I am under no illusion that it will be mistake free, or free of cost to the taxpayer. I am happy to contribute to solidifying the foundations of making Scotland a better (by far) place to live, work, raise my family, and enjoy my senior years. Its a balancing act, or a juggling one, but Holyrood needs to be the Simon Cowell of this show, not The Hoff.  Regardless, I am completely confident  it'll work itself out in the end, as why wouldn't it? It is not impossible to achieve our dreams if we put the effort, work and passion into it that the campaign has already seen.  We have the constitution to form and a government to select. WE get to make decisions and hold those with the power to deliver upon those decisions to account and ensure that our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the kind of country we want, are met. Yes we may have higher taxes, we may not (tax may be increased from elsewhere), but I firmly believe that we will reap what we sow, and if the living wage goes up as said, and if the taxes go up too, it balances out.
There are cliché upon cliché about how the right decision is not always the easiest option, or how anything worth having is not the easiest to attain, but these are clichés for a reason : they are true!
Looking at where we are just now and how far we have come through the years, it is easy to forget the fights and struggles people fought for and won. For instance, the women's right to vote, civil rights in the US, decriminalising homosexuality (illegal in Scotland until 1980!!), the Race Relations Act 1976 to name but a few. Bitter battles fought and won, and now we take these things for granted as part of life. It is now Scotland's time to win the battle, so that in years to come, our future grandchildren aren't still fighting for indy, but instead enjoying the fruits of our hard work and dedication, not even thinking about a time when we were shackled to the union.
So, yes, it's not going to be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it.






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