Sunday, 14 September 2014

6 Days To Go

All over social media in the past few days, has been the shameful manipulative editing of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation machine at its finest.  The press conference with Alex Salmond where Nick Robinson's questions were put to the FM, answered, then edited in a negative light to broadcast to the viewers at home.  Thankfully we have social media which aired the interview prior to editing, hours before it was broadcast into our livingrooms, and highlighted this blatant distorted representation of the press conference.  Take a look for yourself here

Over the past couple of years the level of dirty politics, bullying, threats and use of scaremongering tactics have increased in volume and content.                 
We have had ridiculous threats like:
Scots can't leave the UK and keep Buckfast
All the banks are leaving
Independence would be catacalysmic for the world
Leave the UK and you're not getting the pound
We'll put boarder guards in place if you vote NO
We'll not get Dr Who and Strictly

And finally, you see, the thing about all this skullduggery and lies is, a liar is always caught out.  Especially if someone forgets the biggest lie they were meant to maintain...Step forward Mr William Hague.  While the 3 Stoogies were in Scotlandshire trying to convince everyone that staying in the union was the right thing to do and spraffing about Devo Max, Wee Willie was at PMQT telling us the opposite : you just couldnae make it up!
Politics is not known for its honesty and integrity at the best of times, but this whole indyref has really highlighted the levels of dishonesty, fear-inducing and underhand tactics in play.
Who do you trust more?



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