Tuesday, 30 September 2014

If you go down to the woods today...

The sun shone, it was a beautiful warm morning, perfect for a wander round the local woodland.
Backpack stocked with supplies, off we trotted, straight through a pile of dog's dirt! That would be me of course, not Kiddo. Charming! Nevertheless, onwards, woodland bound.
Autumn would appear to have come early this year, probably due in part to the unseasonal cold weather towards the end of August, but the floor of the woods was a carpet of leaves of all colours of the autumnal spectrum - gold, brown, scarlet, green and orange.  Our swag bag filled up fairly quickly, and the leaves were dry too. There was an abundance of pinecones on the ground for our picking. But no cheggies. What is autumn without conkers?  Still, it is only the end of September, hopefully there will be conkers to find as the season progresses - I hope.
We found not only nature treasures  for taking home, but mushrooms too, heard a woodpecker and enjoyed listening to sounds of the woods, with the birds all signing their own wee tunes. We chatted about which animals were about to hibernate, and why they hibernated, about which and why some birds migrate south for the winter.  We played hide and seek amongst the trees and, as always, Kiddo gave the biggest trees a hug. He has done this since he was small, it makes me so proud, my wee tree-hugger.

Eventually it was time for hot chocolate in the warm sun (perhaps I was a bit previous bringing the flask before the proper cooler weather arrived...?).  Kiddo found us a great spot on a tree trunk to sit and enjoy hot choc and mini  marshmallows, before taking off to race me to the play park.

The leaves we collected today are going to be made into a wreath for the front door over the next day or so (photos to follow).  In the meantime, the pile of pine cones is now settled, pride of place on the nature table.

Our day rounded off with hot apple and plum strudel.  I would love to say that I made this myself, but, alas, it and the custard it was served with, came from Aldi, and it was delicious.


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