Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Not much time....

At the start of my 100days series, the indyref seemed like ages away. The whole summer lay infront of us, filled with fun, sun, blogging, campaigning and enjoying life.  That was exactly how our summer panned out.  However, in amongst the fun, and falling knackered into bed, I have missed 18 days in my 100, including reasons such as Welfare, Austerity, Europe, Social Justice, Land reform, Taxation, Wealth, Equality, Democracy, Local democracy, Re-nationalisation, amongst others. How did that happen? I always had full intentions of being able to catch up, hence some posts are out of sequence, but 18 with 2 days left to go!! Anyone got a time machine I can borrow?
Technically I should be writing one just now, but I'm writing this Arrgghhh!!! one instead - not exactly the most productive use of my time, granted.
So, with an empty coffee mug, and still a bit of time to myself, I'd better get on.
2 days to go, people still to convince, a dancing musical flash mob to attend (cannae wait for that one), a YES T-shirt to keep washing and drying (should've bought more than 1),  and blog posts to write as to why I am voting for YES.
Heres to a busy couple of days - and more coffee

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