Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Time for science

Kiddo has developed a love for "experiments". Every night in the bath, concoctions are made in various cups/toys with water/bubbles/ shampoo or shower gel or conditioner (should I forget to move them out of the way - yes, he knows not to play with them, but the pretty colours and squeezy bottles are too much to resist when there are "experiments" to be had!).
This love has moved to both the bathroom and kitchen sinks - playing about with different measures of water and the fun of pouring "mixtures" between different receptacles.
So with a spare afternoon, we decided to do a "proper" experiment.  I have been following Lisa White's blog An Ordinary Life, where she posts so many different activities and learning fun she shares with her home-educating family.  We decided to try one of the water experiments on the blog - Tornado in a jar.  This was great fun, although my dodgy photography does the actual tornadoes created, no justice at all.

All we needed was a jar of water, washing up liquid and a good swirling technique, and hey presto!

It took a few attempts to get a good tornado going but lots of fun was had and the entire area around the sink is now sparkling clean too...
After a while, Kiddo decided that he had had enough of tornados - and wanted to "make tea" instead.  I was served a lovely and "mmm, delicious" glass of strawberry soufflĂ©
We still have to write up the experiment in his new science logbook - I think we may have to do it all over again to refresh his memory of our findings, but that wont be a problem, any excuse to get wet and have fun is always allowed.


  1. oooh love that! Have you done a baking soda volcano? Lots of fun - and mess. I am very laid back - no writing up for us. Just stains on the wall to remind us all what we did!

  2. We haven't yet made the volcano but it has been asked for - we made spells and potions with bicarb and vinegar last hallowed, and intend on doing it again this year, think it will have more of an effect this year as he's older. Maybe the writing up is more for me than for him, but maybe I can just use this blog as a reminder (as was its intention) until he's able to journal and record findings for himself..we'll see. already planning next adventure in science :)


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