Saturday, 10 May 2014

Waving *Hello*. Saying "Good morning"

After toying with the idea of writing a blog for about 6 years, I have finally decided to do it. Not really for much more than to keep a record of life, and how it twists and turns as we wander along its path. A record that we (my family and I) can look back on over the years and remember the 'stuff' that we otherwise may have forgotten...although my 4yo has a memory that is incredibly long and accurate!
So, as I sit here with my morning cuppa and toast, I wonder what life has instore for us today? Already I have set off the fire alarm, whilst making toast and hear the voice from the livingroom, holler : "Maybe you should shut the door next time, mum!". Ehm, who is the parent?  Where did he learn that tone ? Think I was officially, just 'telt'
Ok, Saturday, we're ready, come and get us :)