Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day off

Traditionally, Sunday, is a day of rest. In my world, it is no different. Except to say, this is the day I go to work. Yes, Sunday is the day I get to go to work for 8 hours and not have to think about anything other than remembering to greet every customer, offer to pack their shopping, chat about anything interesting (such as last nights Eurovision) or mundane (the weather : lovely warm sunny day, where is the rain that was forecast on my weather app??) and say cheerio, all with a smile. Rinse and repeat. Compared to the other 6 days of the week, this is most definitely my day off.
As with most days off, where people meet up and catch up with friends, I too catch up with old friends, it just so happens that the majority of old friends I have caught up with in the past few months on my 'day off', I have not seen or spoken to in years (some for more than 20 years!) - an old work colleague from my first job when I was 14, a woman I worked with and who's 21st birthday party I attended 18 years ago, old school friends' mothers, even my primary 7 school teacher, among others. Its actually quite fun to go to work these days.
The best bit, however, is when I get home.  Kiddo has spent the day with his Gran (being spoiled in the way only a Gran can spoilt her grandson), but he gets to stay up late when I get in so that we can have our time, which tonight consisted of Lego (rebuilding the demolished constructions that my Lego super fan hubby spent ages constructing) and story time with a collection of puppets and cuddly toys.
Now with one boy fast asleep and the other away to work for the night, I can relax with a small glass of red.
No dreaded Sunday Night Blues in this house. Just Life