Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Full Moon

Full moon tonight, but due to cloud cover, she is hiding. 
This is the first full moon since Beltane, where the energy of the season continues to grow, with a focus on fertility, sensuality passion, commitment and prosperity - in our personal relationships, in our gardens, in our professional lives.  Hence the variety of names given to this particular moon - Hawthorn Moon (Celtic name Huath), Flower Moon and Hare Moon.
The full moon is the symbolic mother in full pregnant bloom, and, as a mother myself, I need not to look to the sky to know exactly where in the moon's cycle we are. For a day or 2 prior and for a day or so following the full moon, I have a highly excitable and energetic 4 year old. While there may or may not be clear scientific evidence of whether the moon has any effect on human behaviour, I don't need printed proof. My child IS proof in our household. To quote my hubby :
"Of all your hippie-dippy theories, this is one I 100% believe in"
When he came home from work this morning, after spending about half an our with Kiddo, he asked :
"Its a full moon tonight, isn't it?"
So we get up and get out for as much of the day as we can, hoping that the park isn't too busy (the joy of all the other local children being in school, means we generally get the park to ourselves) and let that energy out, with no timescales, and a whole lot of freedom.