Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fun in the sun

What a glorious day - and a busy day too.
Our wee home-ed group is growing. A joint meet up today with the local group over the river to 'The Kingdom', where 16 families met and spent 3-4 fun filled hours in the sunshine in the park.  We went along and met up with our friends and made several new ones. The adults got the chance to mingle, chat, relax and just chill out. The kids had the freedom to play with their pals and make new ones (Kiddo declared in the car journey home, that he now has a girlfriend!!!). They had the park pretty much to themselves, give or take the odd family out with a little person, too young yet for school, therefore were able to go off and explore and play without us parents hovering around, supervising 'nice play'. The children were aged 3-13 today and they played in mixed groups (the aforementioned girlfriend is 10yo), where any fall outs and bickering were sorted out amongst themselves. When anyone didn't want to play anymore, there were plenty others to play with.
Interestingly, a school group came to play for a while as well, all in their yellow hi-vis vests on, much to the bemusement of our kids. I felt a little sorry for the school trip, as once they had had their allotted time in the park, they were all ushered back to school, while we continued our play.
We left the park with new friends and a large ice cream cone, with raspberry sauce, very happy and a little sunburnt.
Next, off to Gran and Papa's for a surprise visit, and a welcoming cuppa.
Upon arriving home, a little boy in our street was out on his bike, so naturally he had a playmate, the 2 of them racing each other and having a ball, until time for dinner.
All in all, a fab day, with plenty fun and laughter and sunshine.

Hello summer, join the party, feel free to stay a while x