Friday, 30 May 2014

Social Media Fatigue

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.
On one hand, I love getting in touch with people, who I have lost touch with over the years, as our lives moved on in different directions. Re-connecting with old friends and keeping in touch with extended family members (as well as having a nosey as to what old school 'friends' have been up to since we last saw each other 18years ago...) has been great for general catching up, and I genuinely enjoy seeing their photos and reading funny stories about their kids or anecdotes about work and, well, life.
I have been active (very active) on facebook since 2007, Pinterest 2011, Twitter 2012, Instagram 2014 and now a blog 2014. Its fun to re-connect, pass comment on what is happening on X Factor (or some other pop culture current event), post pictures of weddings/baby scans/ baby/ family etc. But, on the other hand, are we sharing too much?
Sometimes I think I over share, and really, who cares for the funny story about my child or my opinion?  When this thought arises, I delete my comments, and looking at my facebook history, there is not much there now, except what I have posted in the past few weeks, because I end up thinking that my business is my business, and why do I need to tell the world about it? Also, I am aware that most of my posts of late, are of a fairly political nature, especially surrounding the impending Scottish Referendum (YES all the way!!), or about animal welfare, environmental issues, how much a pig's ear the powers that be, and the rich that bank roll them, are making of the world, for their own greed and disregard for everything/everyone else. For some people there is a certain level of apathy to all those things, and they probably no longer follow my posts/feeds. But the flips side to that, is the people, whom I am 'friends' with, who have opposing political opinions, ie voting NO in the referendum, voting Ukip in the European Elections and don't have a problem with fracking or are liking posts from Britain First etc, which, when I see them appear o my feed, make me want to type big posts to help the see the error of their ways.  Then I realise that that is the democratic world we are striving for, freedom of speech and to believe what we each feel is correct.  When that happens, I tend to take a self imposed hiatus from all social media, as the frustration starts to stress me out.
So why blog? Well, I want to create some sort of permanent log to look back on and see how far we have came on our journey (although not sure if it will remain a public blog, hence the deliberate lack of personal info/photos).
From the age of 12 I kept a diary, and at 22 years old, I chucked the whole lot out. I didn't want anyone to read my thoughts or opinions as they were mine. I regret this now, as I would love to look back and see what I was thinking, viewing the world as a teenager, especially as I am now a parent. So now, going to blog and see what happens, and hopefully be able to look back in years to come as say "remember when.."
Back to social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter) I find them both increasingly frustrating and equally invaluable - especially facebook with the networking of home-educating families that we have met with and are in touch with, arranging meet ups with and sharing experiences/support  on some closed groups too.
So I either have to put up with the junk I see on my feed and ignore some of the 'friends' (some of whom are family) or have a massive cull and only keep those that I need/ engage with or are interested in. But then, how would all those undecided/ No voters learn about the wonderful opportunity facing us on 18th Sept 2014, if I' not there, posting it on their feed...?