Tuesday, 3 June 2014


For the past 4 months, Kiddo has developed a HUGE obsession with dinosaurs.  It started out with the CBeebies programme, 'Andy's Dinosaur Adventures', which completely gripped his interest from the vey first episode - the T Rex and Pumice Stone. His interest grew daily, that by the time of his birthday, everyone knew what to get - DINOSAURS!!! He got 3 fantastic books, each different, but all factual, graphic and contained sooo much information regarding different dinos, the different time periods, what they ate, how they lived, what the climate was like, how and when Pangea broke up, the sizes (and comparison to humans), photos of fossils, how fossils came to be, etc, etc.He has moved on from Andy (although will still watch if its on) and now loves to watch the BBC series of Walking With Dinosaurs on Netflix, especially the episodes with Nigel Marvin. He now calls himself a Paleontologist "a person who knows all about dinos", and can pronounce them all, including correcting our incorrect pronunciation, should we get it wrong!

What this interest has also done, is spurred on his desire to read. He cant get enough of dinosaurs and wants to read everything he can about them, so his reading skill has taken a massive leap - first learning to read/identify the big names of the beasts as well as everyday words, too.

So with this enthusiasm, I wondered how to develop it and try to organise it into some sort of order...thought of work books/jotters initially, but he's too young to write these down and only likes to draw, rather fleetingly, when the urge takes him, so that wasn't going to be a great idea.  Then I came across a genius idea on another blog, of a fellow home-educator, our-handmade-home.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/home-education-our-timeline.html Anne McG.  I read this and loved it. This is perfect for collating all this dino info in an easy to read/understand order.

So, with a pack of card in hand, all his books and my Paleontologist-in-residence at my side, work began on our very own timeline :

Starting with the Triassic Period

Then moving along into the Jurassic Period
Last night we started on the Cretaceous Period (still working past 10pm at his insistence. Who am I to interrupt this flow of enthusiastic learning?)
We made a great start, and are not yet finished. So far so good though. He is LOVING his timeline, and is eager to show Hubby and I which dinos lived when, as well as some info about them. After a particularly late evening last night, I wasn't prepared for my surprise this morning...Upon wakening, he went straight to the table, asking for a pen and started playing about with the coloured card sorting out different dinos according to time period and decided that he too, was going to add to the timeline. Below are his contributions. To say I am a proud Mamma is an understatement <3
Troodon (Cretaceous Period):
Diplodocus (Jurassic Period):

This is just the start - this time line will grow as his interests grow and as we work our way through history. Exciting times!
And a big thanks to Ann McG for her inspirational post x