Monday, 9 June 2014

100 Days 100 Reasons For Yes

The countdown has now begun. 100 days until we make the biggest decision of our lives. As everyone knows, I am voting YES, and for the next 100 days will give a reason as to why - who wants to join me?

100 days to go : I'm voting YES because I can. I am able to place a X on a voting ballot to free my country to govern itself, without the need for violence, bloodshed, death or the fear of another big war, unlike so many other countries around the world. I have the freedom of information available to me to make informed choices, learn from history, see through lies and propaganda, read scores of articles from newspapers, blogs, official papers, listen to politicians, listen to people, watch all the indy programmes (regardless of bias) and can make an informed choice, as I have done my research. Scotland's people didn't get the vote to join the union, but we have the vote to leave the 300yr old 'agreement' that was never in our best interest. ‪#‎100days100reasonsforyes