Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Impromptu Family Day Out

Nothing specific really planned for today.  Hubby suggests "Do you fancy a trip up to Anstruther for the beach and a chippy for dinner?" Why,yes! Yes we do!
Its not often we get family trips together (the joys of him on constant nightshift), so Hubby had a couple of hours sleep in the morning, following last nights shift, and our very excited 4yo and I set about making a picnic and finding the beach paraphernalia - bucket, spade, fishing net, sun hat, shades, complete change of clothes (as it is guaranteed he'll be soaking wet within 5 mins).

In our home, we take our time getting ready and organised, as Kiddo will come up with a million and one reasons as to why he can't do a specific task, i.e. brush his teeth or get dressed until he has drawn a whale or shown me a dinosaur in his book or wants to have a drink or load the washing machine - even if he knows that brushing teeth and getting dressed means that we can leave the house to go and do the thing he is excited about. However, it then gets to the point of "we're leaving in 5 mins, are we good to go?", and everyone all of a sudden becomes grumpy/harassed and gets in each others road. As it was, we arrived in the glorious sunshine in Anstruther, without a towel, picnic blanket or sun cream. Oh well.

We spent 4 hours playing on a pretty much deserted beach, save for a couple of dog walkers (with whom Kiddo had a fun time playing fetch and throwing sticks for into the water - the dogs that it, not the walkers!), where sand castles were built and demolished, crab legs/pincers were discovered, rocks were climbed, sea was paddled and sat in, messages were written in the sand (my favourite) and ice creams were devoured. He is never happier than when playing in the sand. It is a pleasure just to watch, and when allowed, join in too.

Anstruther has a phenomenal chippy and claims to be "The Best In Scotland", and I would have to agree - their fish and chips are the main reason we drove 1.5hrs to get a chippy for our dinner (there are plenty of lovely beaches up the East coast, a lot closer to home).

This is Hubby's dinner - mine was covered in "Chippy broon sauce" and therefore not exactly photogenic.....

Needless to say, we are all home, exhausted and, well, pink but very happy.