Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Desserts spelt backwards is....

how I'm feeling.

Kiddo is having a tough time just now, as am I  (only because he is - if that makes sense).
I feel as though everything looks rosey on the surface, but I am struggling to stay afloat and  as a result am not being the parent that I want to be, need to be, to Kiddo.  It has been building for the past couple of weeks at an astronomical rate (Kiddo's difficulties and my stress), with today being the worst day of my parenting life, to date.

I'm also behind in my 100 days series for Scottish Independence, but, to be honest, my brain is fried right now and I am knackered.  I promise to catch up again, as it is giving me a little focus and 'me-time' when Kiddo is sleeping.

In the mean time, night night - am off to bed