Saturday, 12 July 2014

What a difference a day makes...

Or certainly, a couple of days.
Following on from my worst day ever being a parent, we have had the most wonderful day on Thursday.  Our Home-Ed group had arranged to meet up in Dunblane ( 7 families came) and the sun shone.  5 hours of playing in the sand, on the chutes and general playing with friends and scoffing picnics inbetween fun and sun cream re-applications.

The best bit was when the heat just got too much and we all wandered down to the river edge and the kids stripped to their undies and paddled, swam, splashed and had THE most fun in the Allan Water.

this is where they swam and played - good old fashioned fun.

A complete flip to Wednesday - and I did not shout once. Not once!! As a result we have both been far calmer. Kiddo said to me " mummy, I like it when we are friends". Yes Kiddo, me too <3

On Friday the 2 of us spent the day playing. I was, for the most part, Hattie the Australian Dinosaur Expert from the National Museum (character from Cbeebies, Andy's Dinosaur Adventures). Again, no shouting. This is lovely. I was a little apprehensive of how the evening was going to progress as I had a rare evening out planned, and Kiddo was staying over with my parents.  I didn't mention anything until around 4pm when a casual "do you want to take Connect4 to Gran's tonight?", was met with, "Are we going to visit Gran? Can I stay all night - she said I could?". This was going in the right direction.  I suggested to Kiddo that he ask his Gran first if he may stay - cue phone call to Gran to ask that very question! The idea that the sleepover was all his made the actual sleepover a success, especially when I dropped him off and was leaving. PHEW!

So, my rare night out was on! Poor Hubby had to work, so wasn't able to join us (our friend and best man at our wedding, Scunnered, and me). The sun was still shinning as I waited for the train - Edinburgh bound. It was a delight to find that Scunnered had brought a rum refreshment for our journey to Auld Reekie.  We went to see Caitlin Moran at the Festival Theatre - she was on a promotional tour for her new book, How To Build A Girl.  I have read and loved both her previous books (How To Be A Woman and Moranthology) and follow her on Twitter, enjoying her bold, honest, sarcastic, intelligent wit and writing style.  We were not disappointed by her show. Feminism all the way. There was a distinct lack of men in the audience, but those there were warmly welcomed and seemed to enjoy the stories and comedy.  Scunnered and I left, not just with a few more rums consumed, but with a new t-shirt (me) and our feminism badges. I was torn between the black 'I am a Feminist' tee or the red one, 'I would like a revolution now please thank you'. I went with the red one in the end - figured it covered more bases - feminism, equality, indyref, and more.

It was a beautiful warm summers night in the capital, so onto The Peartree - favourite pub with faulous beer garden - before the train home. I have to confess to being less than sober, but by jings, I needed it!
Feeling restored, and having had a good chat with those closest and trusted, I have a better sense of perspective, renewed confidence in my parenting ability, renewed understanding of my son and his difficulties, and most surprisingly, no hangover!!!
Now with the Super moon hanging in the sky (albeit hiding behind the clouds), I am back on my blogging horse and ready to get caught up with my Indy Ref Series, how many days are left now?