Thursday, 17 July 2014

Oh what a busy week...

In a normal week, I like to spread our 'activities' and scheduled plans throughout the week, with days off inbetween to let Kiddo calm down and chill before embarking on the next thing.
This week has taken on a life of its own, and hasn't stopped! So what have we been up to?
Monday : Off to the Falkirk Wheel to wave off Gran and Papa and Kiddo's Great Aunt. They were heading off along the Union Canal on a narrow boat, via the Wheel, for a day trip. 9am on a Monday morning - what's that all about? Thankfully the sun was blazing and Gran brought some homemade dumpling for us - well, for Kiddo and Hubby, as I'm weird and don't like it!
My in-laws went one way, we went to the onsite play park. The minute my back was turned (waving to said in-laws at the top of the 'world's only rotating boat lift'), Kiddo was off, snaffling the dumpling into the willow maze, sans wellies. The wellies were promptly removed within about 5seconds of arrival to the sand pit.

The Wheel is one of our favourite 'go-to' places. At the sand pit there is the old fashioned wooden water chute and wheel at the bottom, but unfortunately the water pump at the top wasn't working, so it was dry. The water park feature is always popular. I never bring a change of clothes, figuring he'll dry in the sun, but thought it might be an idea to wear wellies for playing in the water....see what thinking did?

 Tuesday : Morning in the local play park, me and Hubby in tow. I honestly cannot wait until the end of the school holidays, and we can reclaim the parks for ourselves. I will repeat this statement several times over the course of the summer...Off to my inlaws in the afternoon for one last visit and play with his Great Aunt, before she heads back home to New Zealand, and more of Gran's dumpling, of course!
Wednesday : Trip to Blackness Castle in West Lothian, with our Home-Ed Historic Scotland group.  Only 4 families, including us were there today.  The site was busy with other visitors, but with the size and layout, it didn't seem very busy. Result! Its the first time I had been to Blackness Castle - it's fab. Plenty of scope for exploring, adventure, imagination and playing - enabling peace for us mum's to chat too. The weather was a strange mix of smirry rain, warm breeze, blazing sunshine and instant torrential downpowers followed by more sun. I remembered the wellies, for got the kagool, but honestly, didn't really need it, it was so warm. Weird! I have been told that Blackness Castle is haunted, but alas the ghostly any goings ons kept to themselves. Only a little disappointed by that. The highlight for the kids was discovering the old latrines and waste sites (what is it with boys and poo?), and climbing up the outside of the castle whilst meant to be enjoying their picnic.

More an invitation rather than instruction

See? Taadahh!

View from tower window to Forth Rail Bridge

Waving hello

Wee treat in the gift shop for me. The recipes actually sound tasty
Thursday: Off to my sister's this morning, got to wash (top n tail) and dress my new nephew, and change his nappy. My sister has a very strict rule in her house, which she will not break - who ever is holding him when he poops, has to change him. I had that joy twice. Not that it was bad, thankfully. He's so teeny. I don't remember Kiddo being that teeny, but according to the scales, Baby is now the same weight Kiddo was when he was born. Stewards enquiry!
 After leaving Master Poopypants, we (Kiddo and I) headed to our play date at, yup, the Falkirk Wheel. We met up with new friends from Glasgow who had never visited it before.  We met a couple of months ago at a HE meet in Fife, and at a couple of other get togethers since, and the boys get along. Its lovely to meet up with other HE families, especially for support and building frienships, not just fo the children, but for us adults too. A solid group of friends who don't judge or think we're "ruining our child's life". We struck gold with the weather - it was scorchin'. Ice creams and slushes a-go-go. But with the sun, comes the people. it was mobbed. too busy for my liking and as such am constantly on high alert, watching for Kiddo and listening for his screams when he is unhappy with a situation, and expressing such displeasure. On reflection, I must've looked not dissimilar to a meerkat... Anywhoos, we left after 5 hours, kids all soaking wet, with sandy shorts, faces and arms a little bit redder than when they arrived, and with smiling faces all round, making plans to meet up again soon.
Friday: Day off!!! No idea what we're doing tomorrow, but it will involve a whole lot of big fat nothing. Kiddo really needs to chill, I can sense his wheels starting to come off, so a day of just playing will probably be on the cards.
Saturday: No idea
Sunday: My real day off - working for 8 hours.
Rinse and repeat.