Wednesday, 30 July 2014

50 Days To Go ...

...until we take to the polls, to vote as to whether Scotland should be an independent country, Yes or No.
Its been 50 days since I started this series on the Indyref debate. What have I learned over the past 50 days, that have re-affirmed my belief that YES we should be an independent country? Well, the BBC aren't to be trusted with their reporting of the debate; Currency is not something we will know the answer to until after the vote, but it isn't something to fear; the people of the country are engaged in politics and change is coming - we will get our independence (if not now, then most definitely in the future - so why wait?); Sotland is not the subsidy junky of the UK; the cost of the House of Lords; the NHS in Scotland can only be saved with independence; independence has nothing to do with the SNP; we will have a proper written constitution with which to hold our chosen government to account; we are able to make this decision without any warfare; we will no longer be involved and taken into illegal wars, we can rid our country of WMD (Trident); you don't have to be a nationalist or patriot to want independence; we will hopefully have learned the lessons from history - 1979; we are not allowed to politicize the Commonwealth Games (unless it is to promote the UK and Team GB, oh wait....); our ship building industry in not, as they would have us believe, dead in the water, if we leave the union; our country will be destroyed by fracking if we stay; the living wage is more of a reality; we're not too wee; our tourism industry is strong; the PM is still unwilling to debate the FM, under the thin veil of 'not getting involved' but is happy to send his lacky whilst engage world wide political heads to push his point.
What about the next 50 days? I have some posts nearly ready and am working on others, including : pensions; land reform; the monarchy; equality; tory/ukip coalition; food banks; austerity; Europe; education; democracy; national debt; welfare; taxation; care; immigration; climate change; employment; Barnett formula; re-nationalisation of post office and the like; wealth; the big debate with Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling; political parties and what it means to me, as a woman.
50 days left, and it worries me that some people STILL haven't 'looked into it' yet. That some people have zero interest, but are more than happy to slag off either Holyrood or Westminster or both. That the press and tv continue to  promote the Better Together stance.
We have 50 days left, to make sure we know what we are voting for and the consequences of each vote.
I never expected to learn as much as I have over the past couple of months, and as such, there is no way I could ever go back to thinking that the UK is OK, because it is far from it.
Forget your 50 shades of grey, bring on the next 50 days of YES!!!!!