Saturday, 16 August 2014

33 Days To Go

Should Scotland be an independent country?
THAT is the question on the ballot paper.
Not, what currency will we use?
Not, do you like Alex Salmond?
Not, how will we afford it?
Not, will I still get my pension?
Not, how can we abandon the rUK?
Not, what time will we live in (ie the possible change to BST)?
Not, what about defence and nuclear weapons?
Not, what about the future of the NHS? 
Not, what about free higher education?
Not, what about Devo-max?
Not, what about the declining oil?
Not, why do the nats want to break up the UK? 
Not, how will I watch Strictly and Dr Who?
Not, how can we possibly think we can run ourselves?
Not any other question.
All details that have been discussed and explained many a time by many an expert, a politician, a blogger, an interested person, a researcher.  All the info for questions that require answered, is out there - go find it! If you cant find it - ask!
The only question you are being asked (once you have done your required research  - attending local meetings held in towns up and down the country, read reports, listened to both sides, look into the plethora of social media updates that myself and many others are posting and tweeting daily, youtube videos, blogs, online 'newspapers' ie Bella and Wings, stalls in the high streets, volunteers and activists with their information wanting to share it with you. Yes, the BBC and STV and the newspapers, but bearing mind the bias - 3/2 in favour of remaining in UK and reporting as such. Does that seem like a lot of work? It is - but is that a bad thing? If you want something bad enough, or are making the biggest decision of your life, you will put the work in), is purely, Should Scotland be an independent country? 
This is NOT an election - that is happening in 2016.
The interim period between 19th September 2014 and March 2016 is the time for negotiating the terms of our independence. We have a proposal in the form of the White Paper, but it is only that - a proposal. There are many other parties involved in this, PLUS when we get Indy - we STILL have to hear what that looks like from the parties who wish to remain within the union. 
The devil is in the details. 
So, when you take to your local polling station on 18th September, and put your cross in the box, all you are being asked is
Should Scotland be and independent country?
And if you think we shouldn't, why is that?