Monday, 18 August 2014

68 Days To Go

An Ode to the Indy Ref
Are you votin' 'aye'?
Are you votin' 'naw'?
Or are you no bothered,
So no votin' at aw?
Dae ye ken whit your votin' fur?
The cairds huv been delt:
Control ouer oor future,
Or dae'n whit your telt.
Wi' education an' pensions,
We look efter oor folk.
But wi' austerity an' foodbanks,
Westminsters a joke.
A social democracy
Is whit we're aboot,
No right wing Tories
Wi' taxpayer funded expenses tae loot.
o' services an' the NHS,
Insteed of selling them for profit
An' leavin' the country in a mess.
Wi' Trident awa' fae oor shore,
We're a country for peace,
Insteed o' fichtin' illegal wars,
Whaur insurgent tensions spread like disease.
We want tae prosper an' grow
oor industries an' wealth.
No shut doon shipyerds and
Hae our oil rev's nicked via stealth.
Hunners o folk still dinnae ken
Whit's really gawn oan.
Biased media reportin' fear,
Positive indy, rarely shown.
Currency. Plan B.
A diversionary tactic, that's right.
Efter indy, aw' the bluster an scaremongerin'
Will be shown tae be sh...
If Salmond's no yur man,
In  2015, pick a pairty wi' better patter.
If Cameron's no yur man,
Tough shit, yur vote disnae matter.
Oan the 18th September
We tak tae the polls tae decide oor fate.
Regardless o ootcome
Let's celebrate democracy, an' lets no hate.
Fur me, votin' Aye
Is obvious, why wid i vote naw?
Given the opportunities an possibilities open to us,
 I can smile and look my son in the eye when he asks"How did you vote, maw?"