Monday, 25 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is all over the internet.
Its the latest craze that has gone viral, to raise money and awareness for ALS (in the US) which is MND (in the UK), but people may choose to support a charity of their own choice.
My Facebook feed is full of friends and family members taking part, and their children taking part, and clips of celebrities and politicians taking part - including former US President, George W Bush, and our very own First Minister, Alex Salmond. Unfortunately, our Prime Minister, Call me Dave, has declined to accept the challenge.

I was nominated by my friend, Leanne, to complete the challenge, within 48hours (nominated yesterday). So today, my sister and I completed the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I donated to MND Scotland (Motor Neurone Disease, for which there is currently no cure, and the life span of someone diagnosed is ordinarily only 2-5 years).
From my video, I nominate 4 people to complete the same challenge before the 48hour deadline.
Please watch and enjoy my video. thanks to my sister for pouring the 2 buckets of FREEZING ice water over me, and my mum for videoing it