Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Time for science

Kiddo has developed a love for "experiments". Every night in the bath, concoctions are made in various cups/toys with water/bubbles/ shampoo or shower gel or conditioner (should I forget to move them out of the way - yes, he knows not to play with them, but the pretty colours and squeezy bottles are too much to resist when there are "experiments" to be had!).
This love has moved to both the bathroom and kitchen sinks - playing about with different measures of water and the fun of pouring "mixtures" between different receptacles.
So with a spare afternoon, we decided to do a "proper" experiment.  I have been following Lisa White's blog An Ordinary Life, where she posts so many different activities and learning fun she shares with her home-educating family.  We decided to try one of the water experiments on the blog - Tornado in a jar.  This was great fun, although my dodgy photography does the actual tornadoes created, no justice at all.

All we needed was a jar of water, washing up liquid and a good swirling technique, and hey presto!

It took a few attempts to get a good tornado going but lots of fun was had and the entire area around the sink is now sparkling clean too...
After a while, Kiddo decided that he had had enough of tornados - and wanted to "make tea" instead.  I was served a lovely and "mmm, delicious" glass of strawberry soufflĂ©
We still have to write up the experiment in his new science logbook - I think we may have to do it all over again to refresh his memory of our findings, but that wont be a problem, any excuse to get wet and have fun is always allowed.

16 Days To Go

Fear and loathing in Scotlandshire.

I have said from the start that all we have to do in this referendum is to vote with a pencil.
All we are required to do is to pop along to the local polling station on 18th September, mark a piece of paper with a pencil, stick said piece of paper in a box, walk back out of polling station and proceed with our day.
Or alternatively, await the post, open the envelope, remove ballot paper, mark your choice with a pencil, reseal and pop back in the post, proceed with your day.
No bloodshed, no wars, no fighting, no fear. All very democratic, respectable, full of engaged citizens in healthy debates.
With 3 weeks to go, it is very quickly turning sour, almost rancid.
With a small minority on either side looking for a spoil, it is this ugly side of debate that is now dominating the headlines. Currency schmurrency, who cares, its all about Yes v No and No v Yes in violent attacks. Its starting to look a lot like a 21st century Westside Story meets Braveheart, but with social media and zero entertainment factor. Which is infuriating as it is all manufactured, nurtured and perpetuated by the powerful media and 'those' in power.
It is with thanks to social media that we are able to fully see the extent of the bitter war that is bubbling.  Without it, all we would know (as is the case for many person only exposed to MSM, sitting with a polling card) is what a bad lot us 'Yesser-Nats' are. The Main Stream Media (press and broadcast) are doing their damndest to vilify and damage the Yes side. Its all tit-for-tat, with the focus being deeply biased for tat (actually quite surprising, what with our national newspapers so enthusiastic about tits normally, but I digress). Its blanket coverage of stories such as Egg-gate - this story of where the Labour MP, Jim Murphy had to cancel/postpone his 100 towns in 100 days because someone threw an egg at him in Kirkaldy. An egg. The trauma he suffered will have been epic, no doubt requiring professional help inorder to deal with it, but its ok, his expenses will no doubt cover the cost (the taxpayer will). I remember when a member of the public egged former Labour Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, he didn't cry off his duties, naw, he punched the bugger and then carried on with his day!
Despite photos of the egg throwing individual going viral, and people in the Yes camp being encouraged on Twitter to report this person (if they have any information) to the police, this is not reported to the general public. We cant have those nasty Nats doing something helpful. It has even spawned its own conspiracy theory that Egg-gate was infact a setup. But who am I to comment on such an allegation
While MSM is busying itself with this nonstory, there has been a suspected arson attack on what a appears to be a YES shop in Glasgow https://twitter.com/craigwilliamwil/status/505926961689288704 I say 'appears' as it has not been publicly disclosed yet if arson was the cause, and whether it was in fact a YES merchandise shop or just a shop front, supporting the YES campaign, but regardless, it is making a point.
A pregnant woman (YES supporter) was assaulted as she protested against Britannica, the extreme right wing pro-union group (a group with whom the official BT campaign have distanced themselves from, along side their distancing from the Orange Order) , and not a so much a peep in MSM, until the BBC finally acknowledged it yesterday. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-
There have been many a comment(s)and abusive language hurled towards speakers/campaigners from the other side, but it goes largely unreported as it is not deemed newsworthy.
With UKIP's Nigel Farage coming up to pay us a visit in the coming days, and the planned Orange Walks taking place to ignite passion for and to save the union, they are really happening to ignite the fires of hate, and as such, everywhere you look on the pro-indy pages, are people upon people reposting/retweeting messages out into cyberworld, to stay away from the marches, to ignore them and then we wont get dragged down. Should even 1 YES activist or supporter protest the Orange Walk or confront Nigel Farage, it will be spun like top, right up until after the closing of the ballot.

It is so important that we all keep perspective here. It is the minority on both sides that are befouling the name, to which they are supporting. Lets not tarnish the whole of each side, based on the ugly, despicable, intolerant actions of the few. We can leave that to MSM.
Thankfully, we have a bit of balance here from Huffington Post.

With all the ill feeling and tensions that are starting to rise, fuelled by the biased media and the UK government, and to an extent the BT camp with the whole Project Fear, is it any wonder that I am voting YES? Yes is where we are working, with the new constitution alongside, towards a tolerant, equal, just society, a peaceful nation. That obviously wont happen overnight, but its a start to a journey in the right direction.  If this whole indyref has taught me one thing, it that fear is powerful, it engenders mistrust, and for some, hate too. Fear is ugly, it is debilitating, it is censorship, and that is most definitely NOT the direction we want to continue heading in.