Saturday, 13 September 2014

5 Days To Go


My 4 year old is really getting into the #indyref vibe. He has YES badges, flags and his own wristband (even though it doesn't fit, so he 'lets' his Dad wear it...).  We love playing YES Bingo when we are out and about in the car - spotting all the windows with Yes posters and cars with the same. Its a race as to who can spot them first and who many we spot each time we head out.
Together we have been out on the streets delivering leaflets to neighbouring streets on behalf of YES and ben and listened to Jim Sillars when he was in our area with the Margo Mobile team. He has asked questions about YES, such as "why does everything say YES?" "Why can't I put a sticker on my window?" - I didn't have the heart to tell him it was because his window would probably get panned in. The joys of living in such a fancy-pants part of town...
But aside from the fun he is having with all the indyref excitement, he has been listening and taking bits in. A conversation the other day in the car, whilst driving through the east end of Glasgow and losing count of all the YES windows we past, the voice from the back seat pipes up
"That man that lives in Big Ben who stole all our money - we're going to take it back when you say YES. Is that right, Mum?"  Not quite, but I am impressed. 
While he is so young, some may feel too young, to be involved in such adult matters, I think this is the perfect time to introduce current events and political goings-ons, IF he is interested and a level that is understood by him.  Living in our home, he is not going to escape such conversations between his dad and I. If and when he has questions, we answer them and get him involved.
This referendum is not just about the here and now, not just about currency, not just about the bonds and shared history; it is also, and to my mind, more importantly, about the future.  My family's present and future. 
That future has not yet been written, but that doesn't stop us starting to shape it and visualise how it may look. Should my son decide he wants to go to university, he will have the chance to do to so, without incurring £thousands of debt by graduation day. With the focus placed upon creating news jobs, should by the time he is seeking employment, be able to offer him a stable and affordable income. If he is ill, or any other member of my family falls ill and needs medical care, our NHS will provide that care - not a privatised company.  My parent's pension is safe as are ours, at a sensible retiral age.
The investments and changes planned for the improvements in this country will be felt by the next generation more than  mine , but an investment in their future is also an investment in ours - knowing that the autumn years of life wont be working til we're 69 or longer and scrapping by on crumbs of a pension in a country ravaged by austerity.  Speculate to accumulate, as the saying goes. Invest now for a better future.
My family is the most important thing in my life, and deciding upon that future has not been a decision taken lightly.  It is with confidence, vision and hope that I place that future firmly in the hands of an independent Scotland.
Scotland will be looked after by Scotland for Scotland. Once your family is taken care of, what else matters?