Monday, 15 September 2014

3 Days To Go

This morning my postman delivered this letter, addressed to me, from my Trade Union, USDAW :
And this is my response (written on the back of the above letter):
Dear John
Thank you for your letter addressing the forthcoming Independence Referendum.  You are absolutely correct in that the decision is irreversible and there will be no going back. What would be the point of going through this whole process if we thought that we 1. wanted to stay or 2. come back? Your acknowledgment that it is vital that everyone votes is a pretty unanimous opinion, being as 97% of the electorate have registered to vote on this crucial point in our life.
I question as to where you decided that the voices of many Scottish Usdaw members led you to campaign for a NO vote - I have never been consulted on  this. I have looked at your website as recommended and saw the photographs of members holding NO placards - how many people did you question, when and what was the split between Yes and No?
Now, the problem I have with your letter, quite apart from receiving it 3 days prior to the vote and  paying a membership fee to an organisation that does not reflect or represent my opinion, is the wording and recommendations made in the final paragraph.  The questions posed as leading uncertainties, have already been answered numerous times by various sources, for example the DWP have already stated that pensions will continue to be paid as they are at the moment and pensions are safe. I strongly object to your suggestion of uncertainty in such matters - playing to people's fears by power of suggestion.  You are, of course, quite correct in the point that people can't afford to leave it to others to take the decision - everyone should be making their own informed choice. But quite frankly I am disgusted and appalled by your suggestion demand, that if people don't know, they should automatically vote NO - are you serious??? What about "If you don't know, here's some suggestions of where you may find some useful information..." How dare you treat your members with the same patronising contempt that the Better Together Team tried with the female voter. How dare you presume to know better what is in the interest for Scotland. And how dare you try to influence decisions  by telling your members "don't let others take the decision" then do precisely that.
It is with great pleasure, I terminate my membership with immediate effect.
Vote YES on Thursday 18 September
Yours independently (a female voter who is informed and able to make a decision for herself)