Wednesday, 17 September 2014

1 Day To Go

This is it, 1 more sleep until we take to the polls in the only poll that matters : Should Scotland be an independent country?
Both sides have said their piece, now its time for the people of Scotland to decide. Only we can make the decision for our future, by placing a cross in a box, YES or NO. 
97% of the electorate have registered to vote in this monumental, democratic, life changing referendum, and every single vote counts. 
This is part of history, and we are right at the heart of it.
All the best and good luck to all who have the right to vote tomorrow - vote for your future (whatever that looks like to you).

If all the campaigning over the past 2 years has left you still undecided or choosing No, my last chance to convert you is now - I defy anyone to listen the tunes below and not Vote YES!!!

Flower of Scotland
Loch Lommond
Caledonia - (Frankie Miller not Dougie McLean as personal favourite - it's the one I grew up with)
One Great Thing
Wild Mountain Thyme
Cap in Hand
Hope Over Fear

Our time has come. Are You Yes Yet???

I will have voted before I'm here again, so, see you on the other side.