Wednesday, 24 September 2014

And then...

18th September, we'll never forget that date
when we took to the polls to decide our fate.
Independence: a future of hope and dreams
destroyed in a few hours, ripped apart at the seams.
A nation divided when No won over Yes
in under 24hours our biggest city was in a mess.
When the unionist loyalists began to descend on George Square,
the rest of us looked on with disgust and despair.
The ugly side of Scotland sullying our name,
the split yes/no nation reunited in horror and shame.

The weekend that followed was of heartbreak and tears
the blame game in motion, fingers pointing at the Establishment and our old dears.
It was a dirty campaign won through fear and license to scaremonger,
that frightened the older generation but angered the younger.
Despite lies about pensions, NHS and oil.
Yes was gaining, No campaign was in turmoil.
They broke the rules of Purdah and created the Vow.
A mere PR stunt, a false promise. Where is it now?

With No declared the winner at 55%
The Establishment giddy with glee, are smugly content.
The Queen allegedly purring in delight,
Jack Straw trying to make sure the binds of the union are watertight.
Now the gloves are off and the lies are revealed,
although to be honest, if you were paying attention, they were hardly concealed.
Reduction in the block grant, NHS under fire, fracking permission all good to go.
All that was foretold is coming to fruition. Really 55, did you have to vote No?

Now, with Parliament expected to be recalled on Friday,
don't be thinking its to sort Scottish affairs and make everything all tidy.
Westminster is currently talking again of going to war in Iraq,
taking our country's soldiers back fighting, under the Union Jack.
Our voters appeared to have lost their sanity
when they chose to keep weapons which will end all of humanity.

The 45% rallied ourselves to come together and share in our grief,
our bitterness and anger, our complete and utter disbelief.
We accept our defeat, though it was got by underhand means and hardly democratically.
However, away we are not going, the fire still burns. That, I can tell you, emphatically.

We now have the most politically awake and actively engaged population in the world,
The Established now exposed, the extent of their deceit laid bare, unfurled.
Tory, Lib-Dem and especially Labour, are now dead in the water.
Pop by Holyrood when you're passing and collect your jotter.
SNP, Scottish Greens and SSP are the parties now leading the way
Their memberships soaring, welcoming the us all, giving us a say.

Our future has already started, the movement continues on. Quit the mopin.
It no longer matters how you voted, but moving forward keep your eyes and ears open.
The time for blaming each other is through
We must come together, our future is down to all of us. Me and you.
The people of Scotland, the 45% and more; united in hope,
free of fear, with vision and scope
to plan and deliver a future to suit us all.
When we are a nation that's free and can at last stand tall.