Monday, 6 October 2014

Its Soup Weather

On a chilly windy day in early October, when the sky is different tones of grey and the rain is teeming down, all that will warm the soul, is a bowl (or in my case, a mug) of warm home made soup.
I have veggies at the ready and a willing commis-chef, with hands washed and apron on, before I finish the question : "Do you want to help me make...? " ("a pot of soup" was what I was going to say).  Kiddo loves helping in the kitchen, which he has done from a young age.  This is something which I hope lasts throughout his life, as he will not be allowed to leave home until he can cook for himself, tasty and nutritious meals.

Thankfully, he seems to have taken his culinary abilities from Hubby's gene pool, and likes to stick to recipes and instructions (the only time he takes instructions I might add...!), unlike my more, slapdash, chuck it in, measure by eye approach.  For the most part, this has worked well for me with only a few, ehm, catastrophes along the way. Probably the most 'creative' disaster was the adding of mayonnaise to a bolognese sauce (!!!) to ease the tart, wershness of the tomato. Needless to say the meal was inedible and its legacy lives on, being brought up every now and again, specifically in the Best Men's speech at our wedding almost 7 years ago....
But back to today and to soup.
Kiddo's jobs in the preparation of soup or any veg, is the washing and peeling.  Today was the first time he successfully managed to peel an entire carrot unaided, and with the carrot fully intact (minus the skin, obviously).  The sweet potatoes were a bit more tricky to peel though, but were washed extremely thoroughly. He has in the past 'helped' with the chopping of the veg - usually softer veg, and I guide the knife, but his confidence and eagerness is growing and he chopped the celery all by himself and very carefully. I am very happy to report that no skin was punctured and all 10 digits are as they were.

All veg now chopped and in the pot, time for the bouillion.  I could use home made stock, but truth be told, I am not very good at making it - this skill has yet to be perfected, so rely on a tub of bouillion for all soup stock requirements.  Pot given a good stir before cooking and then left to simmer away.

Ordinarily, loud noises, particularly electric ones (like the hoover, my hair dryer, hand dryers in public loos etc) hurt Kiddo's ears and he hates them.  I usually close both the kitchen and livingroom doors when its time to blend the soup.  Not today.  Nope, today is a day of firsts in the kitchen.  Today Kiddo wanted to use the blender, and guess what - it didn't hurt his ears.  That is until he finished using it and I finished off the last few lumpy bits of squash. Same as the food processor - the noise is not an issue if he is the one making the noise.  What a boy!
So, lunchtime arrives I ask Kiddo if he is ready for his soup.  His reply:
"Nah, I don't like it. Have you got any tomato in the tin in the cupboard?"
Suffice to say, I ate it myself. It was delicious and there is plenty left for tomorrow.