Saturday, 11 October 2014

All in a Bay's work - Livingroom pt1

This is the first of my decorating posts.  When we decided 18months ago to take our home off the market and stay here instead, the top of the agenda was redecorating -starting with the livingroom.  
Good bye magnolia walls, old carpet, office (vertical) blinds and curtains. Hello yellow walls, purple windows, wooden blinds and floor.

The bay window in particular has seen alot of change. We always had our square dinning table sat there, but it was boring. Plus, I wanted to make the space a bit more comfortable and make use of the great light and heat there.
First of all, I dragged through Kiddo's old cotbed mattresses (that were hardly ever used as we co-slept), and made a 'day-bed' lounging area. I thought it looked fab, great for crashing out on and chillin'.  But in reality it was not very comfy, nor easy to get back up from, also the mattresses kept sliding on the floor.

 So in-moved the futon. That was fine until we needed a new bed, and so the futon was moved into the bedroom as a temporary measure until we got a new bed. And Christmas was coming : where else was I going to put the tree???

In a flash of inspiration, I moved some Kiddo's stuff in - his desk, easel and box of toys that he played with most regularly (they were in the livingroom most of the time anyway - may as well give it a designated place). I liked this set up, but when my birthday came, and my new sideboard arrived, I needed to reshuffle the furniture again.

Kiddo's stuff went back into his room, and once again the bay was home to the dinning table. Only by now I had changed the table - the big square one was given to The British Heart Foundation shop, and I bought an original Ercol drop leaf dinning table for £6 (yes, £6.00) from The Magpies Eye Gallery charity shop in Govan. It is a cracking piece of beautifully made furniture and takes up hardly any space.
Instead of hanging curtains from the windows, I have gold fringed and beaded curtains framing the bay area, and rattan lighting across the front. Tibetan Prayer Flags are strung across the curtain rails.  My father-in-law asked if I prayed beneath them? No I don't.  My mother asked if they were hung for the World Cup?  No they weren't.

The trunk ( I bought in Ikea about 13 years ago and stained in an oak varnish) is now a comfy bench for eating at the table (as well as providing necessary storage)

I adore my old shawl, now table cloth - the fringing keeps falling out when I wear it, so now, inorder to preserve what is left of fringe, it is no longer worn, just decorative.

Tadah! Light, bright, functional and I love it.