Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Its almost witching time

We have been getting into the spirit for Hallow'een over the past couple of weeks, and decorating our home in accordance with the festival.

 The broom at the front door now has an infestation problem - little bats have moved in!
 This was spotted in Hobbycraft and was carefully and artistically put together.  No help required, this one was his own project one evening.

The ghosts have window shutters over them "to keep them in the spooky house". The Spooky house now lives on the window with the rest of his decorations

I started making a garland.
Using 3 traditional Hallow'een shapes - Witches Hat, Bat, Pumpkin - I free handed a sketch of the shapes on to the inside of a cereal box and made stencils
Can anyone spot the mistake???
Yep - I forgot to flip the stencil around for the backs of the shapes ( the cardboard shape is sandwiched between the felt to give it strength....except I forgot that when drawing out the shapes, until it was too late *face palm*
Unfortunately, having hunted high and low I cannot find my jar of embroidery threads, which are still in hiding (house wights at play? Hallow'een hi-jinks?) so now I cant stitch garland together in style that I wanted too...
*face palm #2*

Guess what these guys are going to be...

Happy with how the dining table is coming along

Even the lego is getting in on the act - this is what I was playing with whilst the boys busied themselves making 'proper' lego things, like tree houses and fire engines...

Hopefully my thread jar will reappear in time to finish my garland, if not, there is always next year!  A few finishing touches here and there and we are all set for Friday