Saturday, 1 November 2014

1. Make a List

2. follow list
3. tick stuff off as it gets done
4. compete list

I always follow points 1 and 3, 2 - mostly but not 100%, 4....? nah, I just make another list!

Now that Samhain has passed, I can start preparing for Christmas (Yule).  I refuse to start entertaining anything remotely festive before Hallow'een.  This year I saw Christmas cards in one particular card shop in August before the kids went back to school! Ridiculous!

Anyway, now I can begin my lists for 2014. I start the same way every year:
Main list of everything I need to do, then break that down into specific sub-lists with deadlines, such as presents, food, cards, crafts, activities etc.
It may seem like a fair bit of work, but I love lists, so its more fun than work. Honestly!
These lists while be re-written a few times over the next 6 weeks or so, just because I like writing new lists (I think I may have a problem with lists... its the same as my love for stationary, I can't explain it, its just pure joy!)
I will spend the next few evenings compiling my 'Lists', sitting with recipes books (always including Nigella's Christmas book), diary, Smyths catalogue, internet. I can't wait, but have to wait until Kiddo is fast asleep so I can have complete peace to get busy.