Sunday, 2 November 2014

7 year hitched

7 years ago today Hubby and I said "I doooo!"

The day when not a lot went according to plan, and if I could have that day again, I would do so many  things differently, apart from the marrying of Hubby, obviously! 
Moon River still gives me butterflies (walked down the aisle to it), and I grin widely as soon as I hear  All You Need is Love (accompanied the signing of  the register) and When I'm 64 (as we chuckled our way back up the aisle together).
The best Best Men's (we had 2 Best Men) speech ever, had us all in stitches, and the scenery (Perthshire in the last legs of Autumn) was nothing short of glorious.
Ordinarily we are on annual leave from work, but this year we couldn't get the hols, so we are not celebrating our anniversary today as I am backshift and he's straight out to work, but hey, next years are booked already.
Heres to the next 7 years