Tuesday, 11 November 2014

It has started...

This is the first year since I can remember that I have not been working (or in school) whereby I can fully plan, prepare and get ready for the festive period. Plus I have my own little elf to help me - bonus!

My lists have been written, and already rewritten (told you!) I have 7 different lists (oh I do love a list) and from now on, my journal will never be far from my side, for either ticking things off, or scribbling new things or doodling ideas.
So far, I have ticked off the 3 books for Kiddo - the Lego annual, and 2 science books from the Usborne 'see inside' range, with lift up flaps. We (Hubby and I) are as yet undecided if these will come from Santa or from us.

Today Kiddo and I set about preparing to make our Christmas cake - we made them as gifts last year and although they were very well received, we're only making 1 this year (for our house. Well, for Hubby, Kiddo and any guests who wish a slice - I just canny bide it), as I just don't have the space for more than that to store for the next 6 weeks.  Kiddo loves to bake and create in the kitchen, so imagine his disappointment as we checked off the ingredient list against what I had in the cupboard and found that the bits we needed today (ie the fruit for soaking) was all out of date, all, that is, except the brandy (!) and some raisins. I thought this kind of stuff had plenty of life on the use by labels....oops!
Tomorrow we are off the shops for, amongst other things, raisins,currants, glace cherries and almond essence.
Also on my 'food' list are sweet treats Kiddo is making as gifts, and some recipes for festive meals, all of which come from one place - my Christmas bible.

I don't do Christmas without this lady : Nigella Lawson.

Tonight, I have made a start on the first of this years homemade handmade gifts, by sketching and planning, and cutting and measuring, whilst The Family Stone dvd is on in the background.  I absolutely LOVE this film. I could be a Stone - I always wanted to be a part of a large family, it looks like fun.  It is also the film that started off the tradition of our Christmas morning breakfast - Stratta. I don't make Merideth's exact recipe, it's tweaked to our taste, but it is delicious and a firm favourite under this roof.

Christmas time is a time of tradition. Old traditions passed down through the years, over generations, and new one started with our own families.  I find that traditions can give warm sense of 'home', belonging, comfort and nostalgia, especially at this time of year.  As such, I have carried some from my parental family home into my own home with Kiddo and Hubby. We have also created our own traditions, which I plan to write about in due course in the run up to and over the festive period.

For this week though, our cake will be made (but not iced) and left to settle, a glue gun will be purchased for all the crafting I have seen (pinterest, I love you) and want to do, the surprise boat trip to visit Santa's Grotto at the Falkirk Wheel is now booked and ticks will start appearing on my lists.