Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What have we been up to?

(I would just like to point out that the reindeer earmuffs are Kiddo's!)

WOW its been a quick week!
Its been one where I feel as if we have done nothing, yet when I look back over photos of the week, they suggest other wise.
I don't intend on listing every single activity we par take in every week, but today is more of a reminder for me of how (and where) our week has gone. So what have we done? In no particular order :
*Soft play with friends
* Babysitting my nephew for the day (got him tomorrow again, love having him spend the day with us).  Kiddo is desperate for a sibling, regularly asking for a brother and sister - yes, he wants twins!!! His fascination with having a baby has been going on about a year now, having told me last December that on the Thursday of the week we chatting in, that I would have a baby in my tummy (I didn't - he was not impressed).  A couple of our friends have had a baby this year, as has my sister, so he is used to and loves babies.  Having my nephew spent time with us on his own, I thought it would be interesting to see just how much Kiddo would like to have a sibling...Munchkin (Kiddo has called him a Munchkin since he was born) is 21 months old and a total chatterbox, copying everything he hears. Driving past Stirling Castle, I pointed it out and for the next 6 miles, every time Kiddo opened his mouth to speak, Munchkin chimed in with "Casssooo". Personally, I found it hilarious - Kiddo is constantly interrupting when people are talking. He did not like being interrupted himself.  Nor did he like Munchkin helping himself to his toys or touching any of Kiddo's belongings in our home.  To keep the peace, I asked Kiddo to give Munchkin one of his toys to play with, so that he would leave the rest alone. Thankfully this worked.  After dropping Munchkin back off at his own home, driving back I asked Kiddo how he enjoyed having his little cousin all day, expecting him to be annoyed or frustrated, but no, he LOVED his day, even loved 'sharing' his toys and telling Munchkin stories (!!!). O-kaaayyyyyy.  The conversation continued, with Kiddo telling me that he wanted twins, not just one baby. I explained that babies take up much of mummy's time, but he had thought of that already - they were to be his, and he would do the taking care of.  That is, except for dirty nappies, that would be my job!  I went on, but I would need to feed the babies. Again, Kiddo has this all figured out : "I'll be doing that. I have a chest, you know!"
*Role play - oh how we have role played many, many, many versions of dinosaur and wild animal expeditions.  The dressing up box is never far from reach.
* Park and woods - exploring and just playing with friends, drinking hot choc in the park and splashing in the puddles. When we arrived at the park, it was nice and crisp, we fed the ducks and made friends with a goose, who would not leave our side. The rain started pelting down as soon as we made it to the play park - result in Kiddo's book! Then the sun shone as bright as a summers day, 20 mins later. You just never know what the weather is going to throw at you at this time of year. Its all part of its charm.


* Baked muffins - Nigella's Christmas morning muffins, made with cinnamon, nutmeg, clementines and cranberries.  Kiddo has been asking to make these for the past couple of weeks, so we made a batch. He is so helpful in the kitchen ordinarily, (we have a routine - he reads the recipe, and shouts out the ingredients, which I get from the cupboard, and together we follow the method to make) but this day was hell bent on making this the most difficult baking session ever! He was hyper and shouting and overly excited, just wanting to chuck everything in and mix. Nooooo!!!!  However, they actually turned out fantastic, so light and tasted perfectly. At least, Hubby and I thought so.  Unfortunately, after one bite, poor Kiddo declared : "I don't like it!".  After picking the cranberries out, he did actually eat one, and liked it.
* Made Christmas cake - Kiddo deeply unimpressed that he cannot eat it for another few weeks!

The cake smelled just like Christmas and delicious. I hate that I hate Christmas cake - its like with baked beans; I hate beans, or Jack Daniels - wish I liked them, but just can't.
* The usual stuff - reading, colouring, painting, watched a movie (and again with the same movie a couple more times - Lego Batman)
* Been bored - this is the whiney stage which usually happens when I am washing the dishes or trying to get a shower, but this week has ended up each time, with some inventive play - Kiddo has made his own Batcave from his duvet (dragged through to the hall).  I loved this as he had shaped it and gave it pockets for a 'wardrobe', garage for Bat mobile and a 'bit' for the Bat computer (Not sure what that is called...)

 From the Lego people in his box,  he created The Penguin, Poison Ivy and The Joker.

* Geography - Kiddo has a large world map on his bedroom wall which he loves looking at and finding countries or finding different flags.  I sent away for another map which arrived (addressed to Kiddo, much to his delight at receiving his own mail from the postman) this week.  Kiddo enjoys those fruit yo-yo things, and by collecting 10 barcodes and sending them away he got a big map and stickers - the stickers being the flags of the world.  He has spent ages finding out which flag belongs to which country and sticking them on. There are 80 flags in the set, and he's about half way through so far.

*Elfie and Tinsel are well and truly established in our home now, with Kiddo regularly including them in our activities, which I find utterly adorable.  He's not taken on many of their kindness suggestions yet though....

We have also had a plethora of battle of the wills clashes over some of the most silly things or just stuff that Kiddo does not want to do (like get dressed to go out, or just leave the house for instance).  Therefore, I have been doing a fair bit of reading over the past week - I keep finding blog posts and articles about raising strong willed children, just coming to me. There must either be something in the air, and many people are finding ways to parent strong willed kids, or else the universe is trying to give me a helping hand. Regardless, it has been enormously helpful *thank you*.  So too has been getting a couple of hours to myself, whereby I have gone to Morrisons for the shopping (and getting my points now, so hopefully alleviate the need to split shopping between Aldi and Morrisons, although I prefer Aldi coleslaw, cheese and meat), and made a start on the Xmas shopping, and the chance to browse of the home section in TK Maxx - always wish I could buy half the stock!
I have also finally cleared out and properly organised my storage (bureau, chest of drawers and sideboard) which were essentially filled with an assortment of crap stuffed where ever and a nightmare to find anything.  Feeling good that it has been 'sorted'.  Ooh ohh, I also got a hot glue gun!!!! Let the crafting commence!  I am a little bit excited at this, can you tell?

I have been suffering from 'writer's block' when it comes to writing about important issues at the moment. I cannot think to string sentences together  regarding the aftermath of the referendum, the Smith Commission, about fracking or TTIP or even think about the fortth coming General Election in 6 months time, or the GIRFEC legislation being debated in court currently.  Important stuff that matters, that I enjoyed researching and writing about. I hope its not for long, and I get my groove back soon.  In the mean time, there are 6 weeks left of 2014 and will be keeping up to date with our wee adventures from home.

Who knows what lies instore for next week, will just have to wait and see.