Saturday, 29 November 2014

Firth of Forth : Sold ( #ffs)

Firth of Forth : Sold ( #ffs)

Fracking is cracking,
Or so we've been told.
An energy boom; not doom.
Claims so bold.

Westminster says shale is the energy holy grail,
But of course, minsters' interests are vested.
They are the *NAMBY's backing fracking.
While our patience is being tested.

Local MP on Twitter, only to litter
timelines with scorn.
Acting on our behalf? What a laugh,
Constituents left feeling forlorn.

They think the public can be bought, now Ineos have got
the licence to drill.
What will be your prize for believing their lies
once your life is destroyed at their will?

 The extraction of methane from the coalbed is "boring" DART said.
Already been doing it for years.
The public are no longer unaware, and certainly care
about their families, their futures and justified fears.

This exploration leads to contamination.
So what will they do?
Well, the solution to this pollution
is to buy you .

It is of no consequence, your health, when it come to their wealth.
Economically, the area will flourish.
Really? Poisoned livestock whose food is not good,
and money doesn't nourish.

House prices will crash in a flash
when the go-ahead is given to start.
But never fear, Its perfectly clear
The whole area will go together, to hell in a hand-cart.

Stop and think about the water you drink.
So fresh and pure to taste.
Stop and think about the water you will drink
Once its flavoured with radio-active waste.

The chemicals required for the shale gas desired,
are carcinogenic to all.
Our planet is being destroyed by legal terrorists deployed
by the self-serving governance of Whitehall.

So what can be done to stop the run
of prioritising profit and greed?
We can't afford not have the public on board.
Its a fight the local people must lead.

Just look at The States to see what fracking creates.
That is the future for gas.
Its time to up the pressures for renewable measures
and utilise the safe clean resources the earth freely has.

(*Not In My Back Yard - name used by local MP for all of us who questioned his support of fracking)

By Lissa Orr, 2014