Tuesday, 27 January 2015

100 Days To Go...Again

No. No, I am not going to run another 100 day count down to the vote.  The General Election already has me far too riled to start a daily ranting of everything that is wrong with the Conservatives, Labour (effectively Red Tories), Lib Dems (Tories diluted), UKIP (financed by the Tories and filling up with defecting Tories) and that is just the parties, nevermind the bias in the media (BBC run by the Tories).  I will probably post something(s) of a political nature in the run up, but not a daily digest.  I'll keep that for Twitterverse.
Looking back over my last 100days series, it pains me to see what was foretold coming to fruition. You know, fracking, TTIP, NHS, pensions, oil, war on terror, Trident, the currency fandango, the House of Lords reform, welfare (although I never finished that post), media bias, etc etc.
The political landscape has changed since the last General Election, and even more so since the Indy Ref.  Nothing is certain.  I just hope that we don't bugger it up this time - get the self serving, parasitic *insert your own expletive here*s out of Westminster.  Its time for change.  Proper change.  Time for the revolution. Time for another coalition, but how about a new coalition : SNP/Green/Plaid Cymru? Now that would be a government!




  1. It's all building up nicely. I can't believe the hypocrisy and desperation of Labour. They are utterly shameless. I really like Patrick Harvie, but have major concerns about Natalie Bennet - I don't think she's the right person for the Greens at this point and I think she might be a really weak link. But the Tories are perfect - utterly unfair and reasonably cruel and making no attempt whatsoever to hide it. They're a gift for us, but unfortunately, middle England will vote for them in droves. I have a feeling we're looking at a slender Tory win, but without enough to govern, and that makes the coalition possibility quite frightening.

    I'm already mentally planning my GE night. How fantastic to watch Murphy and Curran lose their seats. I was denied middle of the night champagne in September, but I think this time round I might be dancing at 4am!

  2. I'm looking forward to the tv debates with all parties invited - Nicola will shine, Natalie is gaining ground with the younger generation and Labour defectors, am keen to hear her debate (Patrick will hopefully take the Greens to be the opposition to SNP in 2016 in Scottish Elections).
    I hope we have learned lessons from the Indyref in how to reach the voters who always vote (never miss a vote) but vote without thinking, and out of loyalty (unlike their chosen party).
    I can feel the excitement building again. I really hope Salmond wins his seat. Who knew politics could be so engaging...wonder if Kiddo will be interested in this vote?


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